Accepted Ban Appeal

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    Feb 9, 2019
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    What is your current in-game name: TheRealHackerMan

    Do you have any past in-game names: Loco331

    When was your last appeal created: N/A

    When was this punishment issued: Today 2/9/2019

    What is the current time length of your punishment: 1Y 11M

    Why should you be unbanned:
    We both should be unbanned, neither of us have broken any server rules. I went through all of them multiple times to ensure so. To my knowledge, after speaking to Karma, the server believed myself, and my friends account (PotatoCAnnon3000) were connected. I understand it is in place to keep players from using multiple accounts, though we actually are two separate people.

    Any other information we should be known about:

    We are playing from the same household, therefore likely the same IP Address. Though we have played on this server for a couple years without this ever coming up.

    We really like this server, how it's run, and especially the community, it would be a huge let down for the two of us to not be able to play on one of our favorite servers.

    This is meant to be an Appeal for both PotatoCAnnon3000, as well as myself, being we received the same punishment.
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    Hello TheRealHackerMan, PotatoCAnnon3000 is properly banned for ban evasion and will remain that way, I have come to the conclusion that your appeal will be accepted due to you having same IP address

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