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    Warning! Please use the correct format below answering questions the staff team are wanting to know before deciding whether or not your appeal should be approved or denied.
    Please take note that if you're not to use this format that your appeal will NOT be answered with a approval or denial message but a response to follow the format correctly.
    Appeal responses is staff members final result so please do-not create another appeal for another 30days after responded with a approval or denial response. Appeals created in that time span will be automatically denied. Excepts to permanent punishments will be made if its your first offence and our staff team feels you deserve that extra chance.
    What is your current in-game name: AwesomeMark34
    Do you have any past in-game names: no
    When was your last appeal created: never
    When was this punishment issued: I don't know maybe like 2 years ago?
    What is the current time length of your punishment: forever
    Why should you be unbanned: I didn't even know I was banned from this server I was just looking for a farming server logged on and saw I was banned. I assume it happened a very long time ago because I don't even remember it and just started playing minecraft again. I really doubt i'm any harm because I was banned for being toxic and that was a long time ago so yeah.
    Any other information we should be known about: no