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    Basic Information
    IGN: minaren123

    Age: 18

    Timezone: UTC +1 CET

    First joined PF: Don't know i used to play back in the days but i took a pause from playing Pc overall.

    Punishment History: I got one warning because i mentioned Smoking cigaretts which i did not think was considered a drug but i apologized for it.

    Time played: I dont know how much back in the days. but atm i have 10+ Hours

    Moderation Information:
    Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers? I have owned my own servers and co-owned a couple, i have also been a helper and moderator on a couple.

    Are you currently staff on any other servers? Not atm, because i took a pause from playing.

    How much time can you dedicate towards PF? Atleast 3-5 hours a day

    What makes you qualified for a staff position on PF? I have been a staff on alot of other games and owned alot of servers too. I have Developed almost every server that has existed on a game called Reign of Kings, I have over 3,5k hours on there. I'm really strict with rules and what is right and wrong. I also always help people when needed even though im not a staff. I can also probably play other times than most of the staff because I'm in another timezone, and i do not have school that much. So i can be on alot.

    Final Information
    Do you have anything else you'd like the application team to know about you? I'm a really calm person, that is strict but fair. I enjoy helping people with whatever problem they have and i'm really friendly.