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    Basic Information


    Timezone: EST

    First joined PF: 1/22/2019 (January 22nd, 2019)

    Punishment History: N/A

    Time played: 6 days, 10 hours, and 58 minutes As of 3/14/2019

    Moderation Information:
    Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?
    Yes. I applied and was accepted as an Admin for a server, and worked up to Co-Owner.
    Are you currently staff on any other servers?
    How much time can you dedicate towards PF?
    Weekends: 4-7 hours. Weekdays: 3-6 hours.
    What makes you qualified for a staff position on PF?
    I've always enjoyed helping players. I've been playing Minecraft since mid-2012, and have never, "taken a break." Which means I have plenty of experience with any general MC issues. My past staff experience - although a year ago - Contributes to my ability to handle any situation calmly, and with control. I'm always ready to help, no matter what I'm doing. I have two sorts of, "moods." I'm either funny, energetic, and playful, or I'm serious, down to earth, and straight forward. I can switch between the different moods appropriately, so I'm the friendly guy that likes talking, or I'm the no fun listen to what I say, guy. I also view the staff position differently. Most people tend to see being a part of the staff team as some title, rank, or level of respect. I see being a staff member as a responsibility, a task, and in some cases, a burden.
    Final Information
    Do you have anything else you'd like the application team to know about you?
    Well, I'm homeschooled - Yes, I know, the awkward homeschooler. - so I can dedicate a lot more time to the server then most people. It means I can be online before most people, whether that's adults working or kids at school. I've been told I'm mature for my age, and although that age is low, I hope you (whoever you are) see me as an eligible staff member and take me into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and have a great day. (Or night, I really don't know.)