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    Basic Information
    IGN: savielloi

    Age: 17

    Timezone: EST

    First joined PF:two years ago

    Punishment History: I don't have any.

    Time played:

    Moderation Information:
    Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?
    yes I do me and my friend are working on a K-pop server and I do the plugins and builds

    Are you currently staff on any other servers? yes

    How much time can you dedicate towards PF? I'm on 24/7 almost when I have Wi-Fi.

    What makes you qualified for a staff position on PF? because I think I can be good help.

    Final Information
    Do you have anything else you'd like the application team to know about you?
    yes I do have spelling problems because I am dislexse
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    Please enter your time played before we continue with this application.
    "Time played" can be found various ways on Peaceful Farms; however, i recommend just doing /shop and hovering
    over your player head to show this kind of statistics to you, another way would be at spawn above your player NPC's head.