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    My first name is Caleb. My pronouns are he/him. My Minecraft username is CalebW8843. I am currently 13 years old, but 14 in about 4 months. My time zone is AEST. I first joined PF on the 8th of August, 2022. I have been banned 1 time for 3 days because did not completely understand a certain rule, but I was unbanned after 1 day after I appealed to be unbanned. My current playtime is 91 hours. I have not previously applied.

    I have read and followed the requirements to the best of my ability and knowledge. I do not speak any other languages, except for an extremely low amount of Japanese. If I were to describe myself in 13 words they would probably be: I like to make myself and others laugh as much as I can. Outside of Minecraft I like playing Rocket League and I play soccer and love fishing.

    I have no prior experience moderating any other Minecraft servers but I am hoping to learn from Peaceful Farms. I am currently not moderating on any other Minecraft Servers. I can spend around 5+ hours school day, but this time depends on what I have going on after school and/or the next day. I believe what makes me stand out is my timezone and also my ability to follow and enforce rules to the best of my ability. I believe I am qualified for the Trainee Position because I will be the best trainee I can be and I will try to the best of my ability. I am motivated to apply to Peaceful Farms because the people and staff on the server are really nice and I want to keep the bad people away as much as possible. I am updated with all the rules on the current rules forum.

    If a young player started spamming in chat, I would first politely ask them to stop spamming. If they continue to spam, I will warn them about the rule of spamming and how long they will be muted for. If they still continue to spam, I will mute them and apologise to all players about the chat disruption. If a player does not listen to my verbal warnings and has repetitively broken the rules, I will mute/ban them with the appropriate mute/ban time. If the rule does not directly affect other players or the server, I will consult another staff member if I am unsure about the correct amount of time for the mute/ban.
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