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    Hi, My name is Hailey and my pronouns are she/her. My Minecraft username is Scabunjie and my age is 13. My time zone is Pacific Standard Time and I first joined Peaceful Farms on 08/06/20. Sadly, I have a punishment history of two temp bans for grief, but I've acknowledged my mistakes and am continuously working to make up for those crimes. My accumulated time playing Peaceful Farms is 346 hours and I only speak English. Some words that can describe who I am are funny, resourceful, caring, determined, helpful, compassionate, open-minded, confident, trustworthy, curious, friendly, communicative, and generous. Outside of Minecraft, I love to go to the beach or pool to swim, play badminton with my family, and spend time with my friends. I can be active on PF at almost any time of the day. One thing the server could improve upon is being more welcoming to new players in order to create a friendlier community. We could do this by providing more welcome gifts for players, helping them with any builds, or messaging them every now and then just to see if they need anything. I feel like I can participate better than others because I really love this server and the community and can see myself dedicating my energy to the server for a long time. It also would make me feel happy to be a part of the community team for my favorite survival server any way since I am always online.
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