Dragons Den Information & 'How to' Guide

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    Dragons Den Information and ‘How To’ Guide

    How to kill the dragon?
    • To kill the enderdragon you will first need a Dragon Egg. Dragon eggs are obtained using crafting recipes from rankups. The main ingredient of the dragon egg is a Wisp of Freedom which can be obtained using the NPC at the Dragons Den. A Wisp of Freedom’s main ingredient is Dragon Fish Bones you get by catching a dragon fish at /warp fishing. Once you catch the dragon fish you will automatically receive dragon fish bones.
    What Does Killing the Ender Dragon Get You?
    • Each time the Dragon is killed it drops 1-3 Dragon Scales & 1-3 Dragon Tokens. Dragon Scales are an ingredient used in recipes to create Dragon Shards. Both Dragon Shards and Dragon Tokens can be used to get items such as tools and cosmetics from the NCP at the Dragons Den.
    Obtainable Items (from the npc)
    • Elytra
    • DragonSlayer tag
    • Greatest Defender sword
    • Greatest Spade
    NEW Dragon Claw Hoe
    • The newly added Dragons Claw hoe is acquired using a crafting recipe from rankups. The crafting recipe consists of two dragon shards and two Mythical Bamboo sticks which is also another added recipe.
    Other Dragon Den Things to Note:
    • /god, /fly, /tf, and /heal are all disabled
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    Good thread to introduce people to the Dragon's den!
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