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    Ability to use "/pwarp ban [player] [pwarp name]" for example on public farms when they're griefed, you could ban someone from using your warp so that you don't need to worry about it.

    You can right click (?) on a pwarp to mark it as a favorite, and then have a Nether Star (?) on the /pwarp menu so you can see your favorites.

    Menu where you can see expired warps, so you can potentially notify the owner if their warp went down without having to check all the pages.

    Private Pwarps
    Similar to the /pwarp ban option, this one is just like... "/pwarp lock [name]" so that you can "/pwarp trust [ign] [name of pwarp]" so only a certain few people could use it/favorite it.

    Rent in Advance
    Ability to pay pwarp rent in advance to the date, like extend it for a few months at a time, so you never have to worry about doing it later.

    Credit to JoJo's suggestion for the Favorites, Expired, Private Pwarps, and Rent in Advance ideas.
    His suggestion:
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    Nice ideas! Pwarps are on the list of things we want to rework so there is a possibility that you will be seeing some of these ideas in the future! As for now, we don't have a plan on what we want to do with it but this will be noted when we get to that point!