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    As many of you may know I recently resigned after a good long run as staff. However, as one staff leaves another staff member must take their place! I can already envision the applications flying at the staff. This leaves the question, what happens after you click send on that application? what is the staff experience like? here I will fully explain everything that you may need. <3
    When I decided to apply I was very nervous, I was still deciding if i was even good enough. At the time I was recovering from traumatic events and so the application felt too soon, as if I was just finding a way to run away from it. If you decide to apply, please don't make this mistake as it just caused issues (poor butters and Goku at the time ever stopped hearing me panic over it) and made the application process much harder.
    However, I was shocked to receive the golden message. Although, it wasn't what I expected, I hadn't been accepted just yet, I was under observation. I was under high watch for 20 days to observe helpful behaviour and I turned out successful. Next was an interview with Goku, butters and Ky, I was stressed and panicked, however, if you reach this stage, its not scary. The interview was filled with ky making random fortnite comments, Goku randomly bursting out laughing and buddy sitting and listening in, do not panic. <3

    So.. I was finally there, accepted and with all the other staff, it felt amazing!
    However, trainee isnt yet mod, i had alot less power and still had a miles way to go, but i was here. Slowly but surely i learnt my way to becoming mod! id like to say this was amazing but.. It had its ups and downs.

    Mod was fantastic, i could help lots more people and i had alot more permissions, i dealt with alot more than before thats for sure!
    However, there is one thing they dont tell you. Being mod is fantastic and i can gladly say that my time as staff made me happier than ive been almost ever and the experience was wonderful, But staff ruined my sleep, giving me issues dud to not getting enough sleep and helping me fuel a caffiene addiction (oops) and after a while, I started noticing something. <3

    I treated the server more like a chore than a place of happiness, i began using the computer screen to hide the fact that pf was no-longer enjoyable, it ruined the experience for me. After recieving physical threats from well-respected players, failing to meet the high demands of players and dealing with offences such as paedophillia against minors such as myself. My mental health, productivity and just general sense of happiness began to plummit, leading to my resignation.
    So, If you decide to apply, please dont expect happiness and rainbows. Working with the amazing team that i have worked with has been amazing. However expect the unexpected when working a job like this. <3

    Lastly, I wanted to thank all the players and staff that have accompanied me on this journey.
    Shout out to all the staff that I have worked with!
    Butters (buddy)
    Artemis (Sus Queen)
    Monday (gonna keep bullying you)
    Jojo (Literally the sweetest)
    Goku (WEEB)
    Wolf (hehe tractor man)
    Zia (ocean queen)
    Ky (Literally crushed my soul like a redbull can when parting ways)
    Kiri (scary but really kind, ly kiri)
    Rimon (ty for making sure i didnt embarras myself, all 1000 times)
    Steven (coder man ily)
    Brick (Brainstorming ideas together was amazing)
    Bubbles (boba dragon go sparkle)
    Stijn (Literall SO creative)
    A final goodbye, thank you! -MxPunk
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    Punk, it's been amazing having you on the staff team and a member of the community for many years now. Just like me, you joined the server back in the "old days" where things were very different and we were so young! I believe I've spent just under half my life in this community as I remember applying for staff for the first time about a week after my 13th birthday! Now like you said to apply for staff is hard, I think I have just over 13 applications and it was not until I thought myself how to code one summer and become a developer the next I joined the staff team later joining the moderation side of things later becoming an admin. I never expected to come this far myself! What most don't realize is that were quite young and we often have to deal with some adult problems which we never hope to experience.

    I thank you for helping us out cleaning this place up and I hope to hear from you! You were the first Trainee I mentored here and I will never forget it! Don't doubt yourself Punk and enjoy college where you will have to prepare yourself for what's next! I'm glad you're doing well after leaving and happy you finally cleaned your room!

    Your friend and Staff Mentor,

    “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – Paulo Coelho
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    p.s. this isn't the end of our friendship. I will pester you in dms lol
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    I’ll miss ya punk