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    Open beta will release @ 2 PM EST this Saturday!
    This announcement announces the debut of our experimental season! We plan to release the beta server to all players for the next 4 months. Our beta server will be updated based on feedback frequently even during the season to bring out the best experience for Carrot's next reset. We want to ensure that these bugs can be resolved quickly without affecting main servers and we feel this could be the best option for us to show you that we’re trying to reach high expectations for the Peaceful Farms Network at all times.

    Our Beta server will undergo many changes while both closed and open to the public while trying to correct the bugs and add new features in the most suitable and effective way possible. You will still be able to purchase keys, packages, and other store items while playing on the beta server.

    For any known issues still occurring on Carrot or Potato, we will try our best to correct them during the experimental season. There are a lot of benefits for participating on our Beta server and we hope you’ll enjoy helping us crush these bugs.

    If we resolve any bugs you report, you will receive an exclusive cosmetic which will be received everywhere on our network! (this does not include servers where cosmetics aren’t available).

    Keys will still be available on our Beta server; however, with a huge twist, you will not receive any cosmetics from crates and crates will only include things like tools, so there won't be any cosmetics. Whatever you receive from these crates, you will get to take with you to the next carrot reset!

    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active, and more, you can donate over at

    There are some new key features that are taking place on our Beta server which we are seeking feedback on. These features will also affect gameplay and how you generate income.
    • Organic Produce
    • Crops that you harvest manually will now be considered “Organic Produce”, you will receive more money for harvesting these types of crops and these cannot be obtained from automated farms.
    • Hot Item
    • Every restart there will be a new crop glowing in /prices which you may grind to receive money that day. Prices of these items are increased by
    • Cosmetic Menu
    • This menu looks similar to the current cosmetic menu taking place on both servers, however, with updates to the menu and implementation of “Name Editor” and “Pets Menu”
    • Crates Build Update
    • Entirely restructured crates area with cool holograms, crates board, NPCs, bug fixes, and more!
    • Updated Fishing and Fishing build.
    • With an additional 12 more common fish types, expanded fishing area, fishing related quests(coming soon), and more!
    • Gold Bar Menu Toggle
    • Yes, you’re able to now toggle the gold bar menu and remove it from your inventory if preferred. You can also use the commands /gbm and /goldbarmenu to access this!
    • Updated compressed menu
    • Compressed items are now available to all players by default. You can also compress different types of items I.e organic and normal type crops without them conflicting!
    • Missions House!
    • Missions now have an entire build in spawn where you can explore in the house and find information about missions and unlock different types of missions. (not fully implemented but missions are still available here)
    • Updated stacking.
    • Many bug fixes!
    Currently, we're planning to update more and more as we go along, these updates include what we were planning to release for 1.14.4, however, couldn't with the number of lag issues and instability that came with 1.14. We wish this version will provide you with more gameplay features and hopefully as they come to our main servers that you'll love them even more!

    Feedback has and is going to continue being one of our prime goals while Beta is open, we've taken your feedback from the Potato release and have accustomed to that in which way we could! We still want to push forward with more updates to the punishment system, the rules and more; however, we want to make sure that these updates will ultimately fix and maintain the current community issues.

    Have you found a bug on the beta server or anywhere on the network? have you found gameplay exploits or broken game mechanics? Be sure to report it by clicking here! If you'd like to report a player abusing those bugs and glitches. you may report players by clicking here.

    If you'd like to participate in bug-finding up-coming updates. You can apply for beta by clicking here! Are you a developer and you want to participate in making these games better with more features? Do you want to use your creativity and have fun with others while you're at it? apply for our developer position by clicking here! Want to get involved in creating maps for our Events server/ or other builds for Peaceful Farms? Please apply for our Builder position by clicking here!

    Want to view our current changelog? Take a glimpse at some of the things we've either added, removed, fixed, changed, or played around with. See if you can spot anything that might be coming in the future!
    • - New farming system! Manual farming will now guarantee you more money per crop you sell. "Organic" and "Unorganic" crops, find more information online!
    • - Entirely new cosmetics system. Cosmetics are all in one GUI where you can filter which category you would like to see, letting you breeze through cosmetic menus. Some menus even have a filter sub-category which you can view ALL, or other various options.
    • - Cosmetics Collection. View cosmetics you have unlocked, first 20 unlocked cosmetics can be viewed on the main cosmetic page.
    • - "Morphs" have been added. Disguises that are custom and edited to our liking are morphs i.e Cupid, Gingerbreadman and Santa. You'll see these more often in crates and bundles.
    • - /emotes is no-longer an accessible command. Do /cosmetics to view these.
    • - Fixed not being able to see certain disguises in /disguises.
    • - Fixed performance issues with some cosmetics that caused lag.
    • - Fixed where you weren't able to view various facial expression options.
    • - Fixed glow particles not working correctly. Thanks to those who pointed it out.
    • - Fixed an issue with SnowStorm not activating correctly leaving the particles to not be animated.
    • - Fixed issues related to being able to use various options on disguises.
    • - Reverted stacking due to huge complications with merging.
    • - There is now only a whitelist for mob-stacking. Only turtles and chickens will stack.
    • - Have some stuff to polish, but here are a few changes that are coming with 1.15. Crops broken by hand will have a tag called Organic produce and will be worth a quite a bit more compared to auto farmed crops. Rate is undecided for now, feel free to leave any suggestions.
    • - There will also be a random item in the /prices list selected to be a "hot item" for that day (or until a restart occurs). Hot items will also have its price boosted. The prices are quite inflated right now, but they will be adjusted for the actual server release.
    • - Network Portal has been added to Beta.
    • - Crate NPCs have been changed to villagers and crates were changed i.e Mission & Summer were removed, TimeCapsule was added.
    • - Removed test quests (They will be added back when functional to the beta server)
    • - Updated Cosmetics to match the cosmetic menu on main servers. (**Note not all cosmetics will not work at the moment**)
    • - Chat-related plugins have been updated.
    • - Fixed issues regarding rank menu and rankup.
    • - removed GUI for /redeem. (Gonna fix it)
    • - stacking not matching the same build as the one on main servers.
    • - fishing modifications with mythical(s)
    • - Updated Auction House.
    • - Updated Particles (Still has bugs related to it)
    • - Updated claims plugin.
    • - Updated custom-crafting (Recipes should work soon)
    • - Being able to create old comp cobblestone.
    • - Updated Goldbar menu to match versions with main servers.
    • - Your prefix will now display on your user.
    • - Updated /redeem. (Shout out to waffle and goku who used items to actually play survival)
    • - Changed GoldBarMenu to GoldenCarrotMenu for experimental purposes. MAY BE REVERTED
    • - Added 12 more common fish types that can be found at spawn.
    • - Removed plugins that had no use, were inconsistent or caused trouble.
    • - /spawn will now take you to the donator lounge if you have Apprentice or above(Or you're opped. Still configurating) if you don't have a donator rank it'll take you to the main spawn but also will tell you that to access donator lounge you need a rank.
    • - updated cmd commands. (Future bungee commands? wink wink)
    • - Removed golden carrot and added back gold bar.
    • - Removed actual items from particles due to issues related to stacking, auto, and other various item plugins.
    • - fixed some ui issues with particles
    • - Recipes and compressed items should be functional on beta.
    • - Fixed issues regarding pickperk not being functional on beta.
    • - Added new Villager Spawner on Beta (Crafting will come soon)
    • - /auto handles crops properly now
    • - /shop categories should now work accordingly to the live servers. Any future shop ideas have been stored.
    • - organised the entire shop system meaning there will indeed be a new menu, possibly like the cosmetics menu.
    • - MCMMO will make use of scoreboards again after the server restarts
    • - Prices updated to reflect potato and added Bamboo, will add honeycombs later
    • - Crops that are not in your claim will be breakable
    • - Bamboo plants will drop bamboo as they should
    • - Issues with books not opening. It should now work.
    • - Ore-shop showing as not existing.
    • - Leaves not decaying correctly.
    • - Misc shop showing as not existing.
    • - Achievements showing as not existing.
    • - Cosmetics not working as intended.
    • - Christmas mission still active on Beta.
    • - Bamboo is correctly accounted for when using /auto
    • - Vault message changed to be more consistent with Potato
    • - The enchanting system via the /shop enchantments was reworked. I've changed the layout along-side advertising /enchant and implementing 1.14 enchantments. If there's any enchantments I haven't added, let me know!
    • - /fly should no longer toggle tempfly and only toggle essentials fly.
    • - Sell logging when players log out are asynchronous
    • - Fixed the issue with being able to place goldbar into the auction house
    • - Fixed multiple shops existing console errors.
    • - Fixed & Changed name color to match cosmetics.
    • - Added "Pet" cosmetics to Cosmetic menu (Not fully implemented)
    • - You can no-longer change spawner types.
    • - Essential Messages now match Potato.
    • - Updated pointshop and its sub shops.
    • - Automessage not working or listing messages.
    • - Reaction not displaying or listing reactions.
    • - Disguises not working correctly.
    • - %player% placeholder not working in /rank
    • - Fixed /fly for the 400th time.
    • - Entirely new compressed menu. This will now display misc, organic and normal compressed items.
    • - Organic type compressed items are now a thing. Your welcome.
    • - Decompressing organic type compressed items will give you back organic type crops.
    • - Recipes now support Organic compressed items; however, you cannot use them together.
    • - Fixed issues with stacking. Merge radius is now set to 5 due to complications. Please check this over and over for bugs
    • - Fixed issues with previous recipes not working due to updated items, same for prismarine tools.
    • - Fixed the issue with not being able to view the Villager spawner recipe.
    • - Fixed the issue with seeing achievement announcements.
    • - You can now toggle having the Gold bar menu in your inventory. (Changes still being made to menu in light of this)
    • - You can no longer do /ah sell, /hat or /marry gift on gold bar menu.
    • - Added the gold bar menu toggle to the menu. You can now toggle this via the gold bar menu.
    • - You can now open the gold bar menu via a command /goldbarmenu
    • - Updated Stacking. Changed the radius back to 3 also.
    • - The issue with the money notes not being claimable and money notes having "test" as a prefix.
    • - Many console fixes for our crates plugin.
    • - :new~1: **mPet has been merged with /cosmetics. This is still buggy however, this menu will be used from now on.**
    • - Connected BanManager to the Database.
    • - Connected /record to the Database. You can now also view notes via gui.
    • - Updated BanManager. This should ultimately have some fixes with UUID changes and more. Please let us know of any issues.
    • - Minor changes to cosmetic and mpet messages.
    • - Fixed message errors with cosmetics.
    • - Fixed issues with cosmetics menu and it failing to work correctly with filters.
    • - Fixed TempFly active message.
    • - Fixed warp list not being correct or matching potato.
    • - Entirely new /kits menu! Only view kits that you have permission for, glowing kits are donator!
    • - Updated commands that weren't implemented on Beta i.e randomised commands for taunts, randomised commands for reward systems featured in pickperk, daily reward and more!
    • - Fixed issues with the mPet menu not matching permissions.
    • - Fixed issues with the mPet menu not spawning mobs due to unknown names or incorrect file names.
    • - Fixed an issue with /kits not working correctly due to confections with a broken command.
    • - Fixed not being able to do /goldbarmenu or /gbm
    • - Fixed some issues with goldbarmenu toggle cooldown.
    • - Fixed issues related to custom suffix.
    • - Fixed messages when toggling goldbarmenu.
    • - Fixed kits showing red glass pane even if u had the kit unlocked.
    • - Fixed issues with books not opening in the goldbarmenu and normal shop. The cosmetic book menu will now show.
    • - Fixed issues with Fishing being allowed in the normal world, you can no-longer catch custom fish in the normal world and ONLY spawn.
    • - Using "/gbm toggle" will now toggle the gold bar menu.
    • - Performance for the gold bar menu toggle has changed to be ultimately better.
    • - Fixed issues with cooldown for gold bar menu, it's now set to 3 seconds.
    • - Added a message to Night Vision commands and aliases.
    • - Fixed not being able to open the friends menu. You can now do so, now also has some slight adjustments.
    • - Fixed issues with blocked commands on the Gold bar menu. You can no longer use arguments in-order to bypass the blacklist.
    • Please note not all of these changes will be present on beta!
    Want to create a suggestion and believe it has what it takes to be implemented onto Peaceful Farms? be sure to request a feature or create a suggestion by clicking here!

    Here are a few screenshots from beta team members currently playing on our Beta server and new builds currently taking place on beta:


    ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~
    Here are some frequently asked questions that we assume will be asked during the first few days of our open beta release. These questions should suit all needs; however, if the questions do not satisfy you nor answer your question, you may always ask questions to our Staff. You can also ask questions on our discord which you can visit by clicking here.

    New features have been added, does that mean features will stay and go onto both main servers?

    No, the features on our Beta server are always tested and ideas do not always make it to our main servers.
    Will our purchases transfer over to the beta server?
    Yes, all group and permission-based purchases will be transferred over to the beta server which means you'll have nothing to worry about. Although, if you do have issues with any purchase that you've made then you can reach out for support by clicking here.
    Can the gold bar menu be toggled?
    Yes, you may indeed toggle the Gold bar menu by executing /gbm toggle or clicking the gold bar menu and clicking the gold bar in the top right.
    What happened to my cosmetics?
    We have only transferred cosmetic permissions from Potato, any bundle permissions or purchased cosmetic permissions shouldn't be a worry. We're working towards connecting permissions for cosmetics and more in the future; however, we have no plans for it now.
    May I join the beta team?
    You may indeed apply for any position or community role by clicking here!
    How long will open beta be a thing for?
    We're currently planning to open our beta server to the public for 4 months, this may be longer depending on bugs or related issues. The term will never be shortened even if we believe that the server is stable enough for release.
    How often will beta restart, crash, or have issues?
    Our main goal for Beta is to get rid of nasty bugs that come with new features or changes that you see on Peaceful Farms daily. Daily restarts and crashes may be present, but it will be addressed as we go.
    What changes have been made different from both Potato and Carrot?
    Although we do not plan to make exclusive features or gameplay for our open Beta, we do offer a load more features that are to be tested before the actual release to main servers.
    What version is the Beta server and can I connect on 1.13.2 or 1.14?
    Our beta server is 1.15.2 and no, you cannot connect on lower versions. You can, however, join on our main servers which support 1.13.2 and higher.
    Will I receive any rewards for reporting bugs?

    Yes! For successfully reporting a gameplay bug that is patched after you have reported it, you will receive both crate keys and an exclusive cosmetic.
    Will the server be updated to 1.16?

    As of now, there isn't that much information on how 1.16 will be on the server-side of things. We will try our best to keep our servers up-to-date but depending on the circumstances, version upgrades may be delayed.

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