Resolved Player claiming ownership of Town, possible Griefs

Discussion in 'Closed Reports' started by TeeVeeTheory, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Jun 22, 2020
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    Ok so, I don't have screenshots of the events because chat has been super duper busy today and I didn't want to make this report without the Town owners permission but since I've got permission now here is my report.

    At around 12-13pm GMT, the player Motnamtom continuously claimed that he had been given the rights to own Aigerim's town by both Aigerim and Billybee123 when the two players were not online.
    He has been seen by me and the two others mentioned breaking and replacing blocks that he does not own. He is also inviting new players to look at the town as if it was his town, and inviting them to help construct Nether portals and secret mineshaft.
    He also, despite there being claims, continuously comes around each house to try and get into chests, I know this because he stands at the chests for multiple seconds before hitting them once and moving on.
    I can also confirm that Aigerim has stated to me that neither they nor Billy had ever given Motnamtom permissions to claim ownership over their town while they were offline.
    This is highly distressing as we believe Motnamtom is the alt account for another griefer on the server (The player BappyBappz has provided this assumption)
    We sincerely believe that Mot is attempting to grief the town and make changes without Aigerim's permission. And it would be nice if we could get staff help on this matter
    While most of the important things in the town are claimed, a select number of the stone paths and structures are not, and Mot has been seen breaking and replacing these paths.
    He has also been constructing large scale Nether builds without any prior permissions or requests to the Town owner Aigerim.

    There will be more evidence from Aigerim below this thread I believe.
    Thank you for reading
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    May 31, 2020
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    I can’t post screenshots here but I once noticed my paths were missing. I reported it to a staff member and it was Motnamtom who griefed it. It was solved however I’ve learned from TeeVeetheory that he’s claiming he’s the 3rd owner and is inviting random people to build or something which we did not give permission at all for any of this.
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    Hi there!
    Unfortunately we can't do anything about the grief if it has already been resolved, however, if the grief is still there/the paths have been replaced, please let us know. We cannot really do anything about them claiming they're the third owner, maybe you could add a sign that says who the owners of the town are, if there isn't one already?

    Another suggestion is to add subclaims. motnamtom would only be trusted to their house, meaning they wouldn't be able to give people permission to build anywhere except there. If this still continues and you are the owners of the claim, you have every right to remove them from the town (as long as you talk to them about it first) if they are causing trouble. Thank you for reporting this, and I'll keep an eye out for this issue! :) <3