Something To Do About Super235

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    So you see In the Nation of Tayonakuni I have a first build, first claim policy (First 1 to build a structure or have a structure built on the plot gets to claim it) and I was originally going to give him the land and I told him about the policy and a day later I was selling houses to 2 other people and 1 person wanted to same plot and it was late at night so I decided to build the frame and continue tomorrow and then like an hour later and Super235 sends me a tp request and I tp over and he didn't say but he was basically like: WTF is this?! and I told him that someone else wanted this land and reminded him of the policy and he proceeded to argue by saying he planted a tree there (which doesn't count since its foliage, not a structure) and then he proceeded to take some lava buckets from the gag "I give up hole" that I made cuz of the YouTube channel ExplodingTNT and he started building up with stone bricks and trying to pour the lava onto the frame of oak logs and fence and i tried to stop him and ended up dying due to fire damage, so i rushed back there and ended up having to destroy the frame since it was late at night and i wanted to get to bed at a reasonable hour and knowing he wasant going to budge until i destroyed it, so i did and he claimed it sometime after the situation, so considering he tried to destroy the frame without my consent, I would say you should punish him