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  1. _xHIROx_
  2. realmsguide
    now known as socialexit
  3. Chick
  4. GokuTheNerd
    Wait we can have a status here?
  5. BlueEye202
  6. Carrot And Co
  7. EragonWings
    EragonWings Wqffles
    Im hoping you can help me, My mc ingame name is eragonwings2020, I would like to join discord but my email is not the same as mc due to mc was a christmas gift but would still like to join with discord. How may I go about doing this please and thank you so much for your help and time in looking into this. My discord is Eragon Wings#3083 if you would like to contact me there as well.
  8. Carrot And Co
    Carrot And Co Kiri
    Hello, I won the giveaway for 3 capsule crate keys. When will I get these?
    1. Kiri
      Sorry if it wasn't clear, but you have to message me your in game name along with what server you want them on discord to receive them
      Dec 18, 2019
    2. Carrot And Co
      Carrot And Co
      Oh sorry
      Dec 20, 2019
  9. Carrot And Co
    Carrot And Co
    GPS Saw coming soon!
  10. Grace806
  11. Orion
    Welp I'm tired
  12. EragonWings
    EragonWings Kiri
    Hello my ingame name is eragonwings2020. I would like to join the discord but my email is different from my minecraft account due to the minecraft was a gift. How can I join discord with my own discord and minecraft? Thank you for your time.
  13. saiakesani
    i only give the same amount of respect im shown so deal with it cause im done brushing off the blatant disrespect i get from some people
  14. Bahkeera
    Playing Minecraft :)
  15. TheGoldenMiner7
    TheGoldenMiner7 Kiri
    Hello Kiri, I regret to inform you that while throwing away and clearing out items in lava, I seemed to have thrown my Christmas Mission Book away. If you would be ever so kind as to either get me another, or tell me a way to get another so that I can do the mission and get the rewards, that would be helpful. My username currently is TheGoldenMiner7. I hope you can resolve my issue.
  16. Carrot And Co
    Carrot And Co
    Ehem.. had this name before the Carrot server became the Carrot server. Deal with it!
  17. sikha blub
  18. Ky
    Ky Kiri
    get good
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  19. Carrot And Co
    Carrot And Co
    Okay, we need safety back.
  20. sijomi5828