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Peaceful Farms - Tickets | From our support team.

Warning! You cannot request an account transfer unless your account was compromised, hacked or you no longer have full access to that account..
Warning! Once you have purchased a rank, you have only 14 days if you want your rank or purchases moved to another account for a reason other than your account being compromised.
Warning! Tickets must only be created if you're experiencing issues with a purchase, donator rank, or if you're looking to contact our support team.
If your issue can be resolved by a Moderator or, for an example, is a bugs report that can be resolved on another part of our forum, DO NOT create a ticket.
All tickets can take up to 1week to be responded to, if your ticket wasn't responded to within that week, proceed to create another.

If none of your problems are listed below, please contact one of our Administrators on Peaceful Farms discord.
If you're having an issue with not having/receiving any purchased goods. Ranks, Commands, Crates, etc.
If you're looking for a refund or to transfer your rank. We only refund in store credit/gift cards.
If you're having an issue with not being able to purchase an item from our store.
If you're having an issue with not being able to claim store credit/gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions! If your question is not already answered, please proceed with creating the ticket.
Did i lose my donator rank when the server reset? how can i get it back?
Unfortunately all donator ranks and purchases were reset on Janurary 6th 2018 due to donator ranks being optimized. You can apply to receive a refund via store credit.
I cant purchase anything in the server store? what do i do?
This all depends on your UUID/User. If you've charged back multiple times before, your UUID/User is likely banned from making purchases.
If you've never charged back, please proceed to create a ticket.
I no longer have access to my account, could I get my purchased goods transferred?
Yes, this is possible! Please proceed to create a ticket and we'll get your purchased goods transferred ASAP.

Using the correct format! Its highly requested you use the format below.

Peaceful Farms ticket format:
In-game username: Your minecraft username.
Date of issue:
Does this involve your in-game rank?
Purchase evidence: Optional; however, requested for faster response
What is your issue?:

Please when creating the ticket make it understanding and detailed, don't be sloppy!
If you fail to use this format, the chances of your ticket being replied to is slim, Please be sure to use it correctly as it gives us a better understanding. After your ticket has been replied to, it'll be locked and moved to " Closed tickets " which you can view.

Thank you for reading - Our Support Team