Attention! Please be aware that voting requires you to be online the Peaceful Farms server to be able to vote!
Peaceful Farms - Voting | Links & Information

Currently Peaceful Farms is one of the higher popular choices when searching "Farming servers", Thanks to you guys for voting!

Frequently Asked Questions! If the answer to your question isn't below, please consider asking a staff member!

What is voting? Voting is a way of supporting the server on voting lists, essentially you're giving our server a vote in which helps it grow; however, benefits you aswell!
Where do i vote? Look above you! we have provided 5 links for you to vote on with a teaser of a 6th link coming soon! do /vote in-game to find all links as an alternative.
What rewards do i get from voting? Currently on each link you vote on you'll receive 1 point, 1 vote key and $3000 in-game cash.
Can voting cause viruses? the answer is, no! Voting cannot cause viruses as it isn't something you're downloading; however, always be careful what links you're clicking on!
This voting site doesn't work, what should i do? If our link/s provided aren't working, please report this on our discord or create a bugs report here; however, if cannot be resolved, it is most likely a voting site error on there end!