Planned A way to improve the community within the server

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SF961, Jun 13, 2019.

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    May 18, 2019
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    Ever since I've joined the server there's always been a lack of communication within the not so popular people. I've played 10 days on the server now and I still struggle to communicate with other people. For instance, I could write a message and it'll just get ignored. I've noticed this as a recurring problem with people who are not mega high ranks or do not have suffixs.

    I believe there are multiple ways to address this.

    • Jobs. This plugin would do wonders to the server. The number of people I see offering out jobs and they just get ignored because the chat just scrolls by. Im sure other people would agree with me on this one. We need jobs!! haha
    • More advertisement on challenges
    • introduce new harder challenges, maybe ones that you have to do with multiple other people
    • Mini-games every 30 minutes to get everyone in an activity together. (Like fishing)
    • mob arena
    • Quests
    • (Completely off topic but server restart warning!!! the number of new people that don't know it's going to happen and they don't come back!)
    I genuinely love this server. But at times the chat is so boring, its the same people having the same conversations. I believe we just need a way to get more of the new people involved. Im sure other people will have suggestions also.