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    May 19, 2018
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    Hey Again,
    Since my last denial on my staff application I have decided to set up Strive4Trainee.

    It is split into 2 sections:
    -Sincere Sorrow (Punishment History)
    -Activity (Since I have only just started getting active again)

    Sincere Sorrow
    This is where I say sorry for all my past mistakes. I need to prove that I’m sorry and that it won’t happen again, I reckon this is the harder one out of the 2 as showing and proving it can be hard. I am also working on a little time project for B0ii and I have a little present for him after- this is not a bribe just to say sorry for my actions!

    This month I have a lot on, but I am still going to try and go out my way to become active on Peaceful Farms. So as you may know I am co-hosting events with EastCoastChef, I hope this helps me.