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Anything else that should be counted for?

  1. no its summed up well.

  2. this seems like a not needed feature

  3. Just have the new player play, they can get their own points and have a challenge

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    As many of you know you can't give up claimed land to someone else, even if they have been trusted into the claim in the first place. As I and many of you enjoy helping others who have just started claimed land is a MUST but most people who start out don't have very much land to claim or money to buy claim blocks...

    Other info-- As the rules state no griefing or raiding, that doesn't stop people from doing it. While new players strive to get more gear and money its hard when they can't start autofarms or get big areas to start a farm that would produce nearly enough profit to rankup more than once or twice.

    Arguments- Yes, this does seem a little much considering they could just claim a little land and build up and down, but that causes lag... and a lot of lag at that. now my farm has this problem and I can barely look around without wanting to throw my computer across the room but as I go to others farms I see 5-6 chunks of land with just farmland it seems like a hassle to clear all of it and replant...

    Counter Arguments- As lag is a problem with red stone being placed so close, it can be avoided with.... space. now this would also clear lag with the server not only having people being able to give land but it also being able to be subdivided (which is added already)

    need more of an argument on why we should have the opportunity to give land to others? it would help out with a friendlier server. what would make your day more than joining a new server and having someone who's prestige 2-4 being like "yeah sure here I don't USE them".

    And yes there is more if you needed just a little more of an advantage... as players get up the ranks they rack up thousands of claim blocks but never have a need to use them, as of right now I and many others have 20k+ claim blocks that we could be using but don't because we DON'T need to...

    Thank you for reading and thank you for hopefully reading with an open mind.

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