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  1. lolduckyganglol
  2. Bearmochi
    Look how she ate that
  3. simon collins
    simon collins RyanS1005
    hi Ryan, um I just msged Goku on discord but he hasn't answered in a while and I was wondering if you could change my date of birth as it is incorrect. now I dunno how but it says my b-day is Jan 7th of 1989 (which is mega incorrect as I'm 16 which means it should be 2004)
    so if you could change my birthdate to august 7th 2004 that would be great.
  4. Emily H
    Emily H RyanS1005
    My partner has been voting for peaceful farms but it hasn't been coming up on the server and he hasn't been getting any points.. His profile says he's voted 9 times but there isn't any points on his thing. How do we fix it?
  5. Joci
    Joci Kiri
    i do not know the sever address and i cant get in
  6. Vaidurya
    I'm bored. HMU!
  7. hadette
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Vaidurya
    PM or /mail send vaidurya in-game if you Main on Carrot n would like to trade vote/donor crate things n have stuff on Potato I want.
  9. Vaidurya
    Vaidurya Ky
    Hello, spirit-kin. I hope the day finds you well!
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  10. Vaidurya
    Going to sleep, work comes early.
  11. Coralys Pabon
    Coralys Pabon Kiri
    hmmm sorry but when I go to Apps it says Closed Applications and idu
    Sorry for the inconveniences!
  12. Spoooof
  13. moonlings
    feeling good ^o^
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    2. Ky
      May 29, 2020
  15. Alkyoni
    Alkyoni RyanS1005
    oh ty ty ty so much!
  16. Emily Boucher
    Emily Boucher Koro
    I am having trouble using the forums, is there someone I can contact?
  17. Emily Boucher
    Emily Boucher Wqffles
    I am having trouble using the forums and there seems to be a bug, is there someway I can report this or get in contact with someone?
  18. alextacomoo
    ayyy ayyyyyy ayy ayyyyya ayayyy
  19. Alkyoni
    Alkyoni Kiri
    Nice work btw...!!!
    Can i have my name changed here too?
    i was signin as previus name Venomicus and i ve change it to Alkyoni
    thnk you vm!
    1. Alkyoni
      ty soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Mar 30, 2020
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