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    1. xXDudeMcDudeXx
      Just curious if there is a way I can get a world download for potato. There are builds I would like to immortalize so they aren't lost to the reset. Thanks
    2. Blaise Mcdonnell
      Blaise Mcdonnell
      How can i apply to be a mod
    3. Hajime
      I would like just to say I griefed on your server because I actually had a reason to and if you would want no reason to you can message me on Discord Hajime26_Nagumo_19#8382
      You will think my reason will be fair enough
    4. Joci
      i do not know the sever address and i cant get in
    5. Cora
      hmmm sorry but when I go to Apps it says Closed Applications and idu
      Sorry for the inconveniences!
    6. Alkyoni
      Nice work btw...!!!
      Can i have my name changed here too?
      i was signin as previus name Venomicus and i ve change it to Alkyoni
      thnk you vm!
      1. Alkyoni
        ty soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Mar 30, 2020
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    7. Carrot And Co
      Carrot And Co
      Hello, I won the giveaway for 3 capsule crate keys. When will I get these?
      1. Kiri
        Sorry if it wasn't clear, but you have to message me your in game name along with what server you want them on discord to receive them
        Dec 18, 2019
      2. Carrot And Co
        Carrot And Co
        Oh sorry
        Dec 20, 2019
    8. EragonWings
      Hello my ingame name is eragonwings2020. I would like to join the discord but my email is different from my minecraft account due to the minecraft was a gift. How can I join discord with my own discord and minecraft? Thank you for your time.
    9. TheGoldenMiner7
      Hello Kiri, I regret to inform you that while throwing away and clearing out items in lava, I seemed to have thrown my Christmas Mission Book away. If you would be ever so kind as to either get me another, or tell me a way to get another so that I can do the mission and get the rewards, that would be helpful. My username currently is TheGoldenMiner7. I hope you can resolve my issue.
    10. Ky
      get good
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    11. Burning_Pheonix5
      Hey, Kiri am i able to apply for a staff position? please lmk as soon as you can :)
    12. BlueEye202
      Where can I apply for staff? If you don't have time to help me that's fine :D. But help would be helpful.
    13. MiBroz
      Hello , I’m subscribed to a rank on server , how can I cancel a subscription??!!
    14. reinis
      how to get unbande
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    15. kilotonkilo
      why wont pistons work for me
    16. haaad1
      how can you sign up to be on staff?
    17. jacko_475
      hello kiri, my name is jack and go by @jacko_475 on minecraft, a few years ago this server got hacked and a string of events lead to me griefing and getting banned. i would really like to get unbanned and start playing again. thanks, jack
    18. Mason
      My name in the server is TTVShadowMason
    19. Mason
      I jusrt got banned for advertisement and I didn't mean to put that in chat discord I meant to send it to my friends and it went into the mincraft server chat
    20. _incapable_ (Chloe)
      _incapable_ (Chloe)
      hiya, i havent been on this server in a while because i have been busy with school. But i have just logged on and it appears i have lost EVERYTHING i had /fly and the name change. Before logging on i change my name to teomki ,previously it was _incapable_ and before that it was HeyItsChloe_ i have the email proving i brought /fly if its needed.just wondering why i lost my rank and the things i brought on my account
      1. Kiri
        Hi, please submit a ticket, thanks
        Dec 2, 2018
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