Punishment Appeals

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Peaceful Farms - Punishment Appeals | From our support team.

Warning! Appeals must only be created if you have received a punishment issued by our team members.
Please don't create appeals because you cannot login or have technial difficulties which doesn't state a red reason.
Appeals may only be created if one of your matters are stated below, you can find other sections on the forums for other needs.

You apologise for your committed crimes.
This is your first time playing Peaceful Farms and wasn't aware.
You'd like a second chance as you must understood a rule currently in-place
English isn't your first language and you interrupted a rule incorrectly.
Your punishment wasn't correctly issued and you would to continue playing.
You have been banned for a long duration and feel you have learned the rules.

Please only create appeals every 30 days after the first one is created.
Please use the correct format! Its highly requested you use the format below.

Peaceful Farms appeal format:
What is your current in-game name:
Do you have any past in-game names:
link to your previous appeal created:
When was this punishment issued:
What is the current time length of your punishment:
Why should you be unbanned:
Any other information we should be known about:
Please when creating the appeal make it understanding and detailed, don't be sloppy!
If you fail to use this format, the chances of your appeal being replied to is slim, Please be sure to use it correctly as it gives us a better understanding.
After your appeal has been replied to, it'll be locked and moved to " Closed Appeals " which you can view.

Thank you for reading - Our Support Team