A Start to Spooktober!

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    Hello, people of Peaceful Farms it's that time again! It's SPOOKTOBER and you all know what that means! It's time for our latest seasonal content! This year we are releasing a spooky village but it looks like someone i.e. Flonsh or someone stole all the Halloween decor! Throughout the month there will be a number of quests released in the spooky village. The first group of quests will be based around decorations and then in about 2 weeks, we will release the next round of content and part two of the map. This will also include the return of the Witcher Boss from last year! Anyone may visit this town by doing /warp Halloween!

    Halloween Server Additions
    We have added small Halloween additions to different features found around the server. You may find Halloween additions in the spawn's custom fishing which now contains 5 new fish and 3 new trash tier fish items. There is also a mythical fish... squid suffix? Feel free to fish at spawn during this season as seasonal fish will be a rare addition found throughout different seasons. There will also be newfound achievements for Halloween found in the second part of the Halloween update.

    Spooktober Crate and Bundle contents!
    You can find Halloween store content found here: https://store.peacefulfarms.net/category/1417698 With the Halloween season beginning, we have released a new Halloween crate and bundle. Inside the new crate, you can find an all-new set of tools, The devil’s tools set. We also have a few new tags, taunts, and other cosmetics! In addition to the new tools and cosmetics, we also have boosters, sell shares, and a few tools and cosmetics from previous events. The bundle contains some all-new cosmetics like the Wicked tag, pumpkin pet, and dinnerbone morph, which flips you upside-down. It also contains things seen in previous bundles like rainbow armor.

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