Advanced Collection Systems for Beginners Part 2 "PF Hoppers"

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    For this guide we'll be discussing the use of PF hoppers, and what they are / what they do, and how to craft them.

    About PF Hoppers
    PF Hoppers are one of the most essential items for you and your farms here on PeacefulFarms! A PF Hopper, or "PeacefulFarms Hopper" (commonly; chunk hopper, auto hopper) is a hopper that when placed within a chunk, it will automatically pickup any crop summoned (broken or dropped) within that chunk. To see chunk borders, on your keyboard use the macro F3+G. Save for; seeds, standard blocks, tools, armor, or anything else that is not an item that can be sold in /prices.

    How to Craft One
    A PF Hopper is mildly expensive to craft, if you're a newer player or don't have much to go with. The first thing you need is a Crafting Tool. These can be purchased in /pointshop using points that you receive from voting, or most commonly, fishing contests. Crafting tools can also be given randomly as a rank up "pick-a-perk". Next, you'll need 2 compressed Iron. Compressed items can be crafted by placing a full stack of the item you're compressing in each slot of the crafting grid (see below for custom recipes). Lastly, you need a hopper, and a couple chests.

    How to Use Them
    There's infinite ways you could use these PF Hoppers. However, just as anything else with farms, there are many different recommended ways to use them. Anything from the most efficient ways, to the most convenient ways. Below will be descriptions with pictures provided of all different types of designs for collection systems using these hoppers. Keep in mind, that these hoppers collect per chunk they're placed in, use the macro F3+G to see chunk borders. You can build these collection systems above, below, even right next to whatever farm you're collecting, as long as both are in the same chunk.

    The "4-Chunk Tower" - DivineJason & Enthrvl
    This design is pretty simple, and best used if you aren't restricted on upward building space. You could use this collection system underneath, or above a farm that only requires just a few layers, and doesn't need as much height as other farms, like a four layer netherwart farm.

    For this tower, you'd simply stack chests and hoppers on top of each other, overlapping the corners at which four chunks meet, with PF Hoppers on top. See below for example screenshots.

    The "16 Per Chunk" - Carr (eniloraccaroline)
    Possibly the most commonly built collection, and also the most spacious design, with the most efficient pick-up capability. This collection does require a lot of resources. To start, understand that one chunk in Minecraft is 16 blocks by 16 blocks, again using
    F3+G to see chunk borders, start by placing double chests in a line from one end of the chunk to the other, that'd made 16 double chests. Next, add chests above them however tall you'd like your collection to be. Keep in mind that bigger farms require bigger collection and storage. Try to imagine how much storage you'd reasonably need for a farm, and build a little extra just to be safe. Then, add hoppers behind each chest, going into them. This will start filling from bottom to top. Lastly, add a chest on top of the very top hopper, and a PF Hopper going into the top chests.

    You can also connect this storage back-to-back with another one in the neighboring chunk. See below for example pictures.

    The "Staircase 16"
    For this one, it is essentially the same as the previous one, however more spread out. This design is useful for a more specific reason; say you want to send items from your collection somewhere else, or pull things out of collection and storage, this design would send your items closer to another chunk, or just closer in general to wherever you want to put the items, requiring less hoppers, while still holding a large amount of items.

    I will be making a continued post with three more designs you can use to incorporate PF Hoppers into your farm collection systems. Things will get more advanced in the continued post. However feel free to leave feedback and add your own collection that you made differently than these three.
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    For more about the "16 Per-Chunk" I made a guide that was too big to post, I tried to cut it down so lets see if it works!

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