Thoughts? (Up For Discussion) Artmap! Paint in minecraft!

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    May 13, 2019
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    Hi so i've recently retired from a previous server, and plan to make my new main server Peaceful farms! While i love the many activities given to us, there is one I am missing terribly. Artmap! Artmap is a plugin which allows the player to make pixel art in minecraft. Its a very easy to use plugin and would fit the server so well! Imagine this lovely server covered in player artwork! As someone who loves to pass the time giving away art and sharing my craft, i know the people on the creative side of peaceful farms will love this! I hope we can make this plugin available on this server. Thanks! :)

    Artmap1.PNG Artmap2.PNG Artmap3.PNG

    These are examples of Some works i did on another server, and some paintings on "easels". I hope we
    can incorporate this into our minecraft lives!
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    We've actually looked into adding this previously, but the idea went away with time. I'll give it a look and see if it's something we may want to add, thanks for the suggestion.
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