Important Christmas Season!

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    NEW Christmas Season!
    Hello little elf-lings, It's that time of the year where families all over the globe spend time together with there families, relatives, friends or people in general. The Christmas season has been relaxing for us all in our own ways and we expect nothing but more in 2020. Currently, we have unique plans in the works which may push Peaceful Farms to its full potential as it is currently and we're hoping to succeed more within the next year to come. We wish you nothing but the best. Merry Christmas!

    Have you seen Frozen 2? NO? bye, you're banned.

    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active and more because you want to see the server grow and more. You may donate separately over at

    Remember last season where we said we were going to giving away 1 EXCLUSIVE tag in a giveaway? It's that time! If you haven't already, make sure you're following us on all our social media platforms, once you have done that, be on the lookout for a Discord announcement where 5 players will win a "POTATO" tag.

    NEW Features, Changes & Fixes!

    The ability to remove the gold bar menu has been pushed back, we don't want to dedicate time towards fixing something when we feel players will enjoy, please be patient with us!

    New features we have implemented this Christmas!
    ➣ Upgraded Disguises!
    ➣ More cosmetics!
    ➣ 1.15.x Support!
    ➣ Event's Server for event related builds, etc.

    Want to follow us on different platforms? Say no more! You can find us over on these platforms listed below for announcements & more. Twitter will especially be getting exclusive giveaways soon so be on the look out and get following!

    [Click to be redirected] Peaceful Farms Youtube Account

    [Click to be redirected] Peaceful Farms Twitter Account
    NEW Christmas Event - SNOWBALL
    Introducing our new events server; we thought it'd be pretty cool to release it with a blast. Peaceful Farms has never introduced something like/ or similar to this particular setup or event. We thought because it's Christmas, we'd create and bring you an experience like no other! This event will not stay for long; however, we hope you enjoy the fun.

    The Snowball Event is pretty simple and self-explanatory. Depending on its popularity and reputation, we'll decide whether this event is to come back in the future as well. The idea is still freshly new and implementing it, expanding and bringing you the ultimate experience will take some time; however, the "snowball event" will be something to enjoy this season. More details about this will be released nearer to the time. This events server will be coming soon and we hope you like it as much as we do. You ready for a snowball fight?

    NEW Christmas Crate!

    Looking for outstanding tool/s? Mind blowing cosmetics that you may love? Christmas Presents, claim blocks or more? We got you fam. Heres a quick look at the crate!


    At a lower price than Time Capsule Keys, a higher chance of receiving Christmas Crate items, considering purchasing Christmas Keys today!

    NEW Time Capsule Crate!
    You might have already seen this; however, we have released the Time Capsule Crate! Missed tools and cosmetics from the previous season? We have your back; although, since these crates are more 'exclusive' to the season, this crate will cost more in price and will be a higher chance.


    This Crate was simply created so players still have a chance at getting crate items that they missed. Suggestions towards this crate that are related to removing a section of them will not be acknowledged.

    NEW Christmas Bundle!
    Introducing the new season to the bundle packages, although we'd like to keep the bundles set to limited amount of seasons, due to the amount of positive feedback we saw with the previous bundles especially the Summer Standard & Summer Deluxe bundle(s) we thought we'd include Halloween & Christmas.

    ➣ Rainbow Armour
    ➣ 6 Christmas Keys
    ➣ 2 Exclusive pre-made tags (Blizzard Tag & SANTACLAUS Tag)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive taunt (Gift Taunt)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive Pet (Giftino mPet)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive Particles (IceWings)

    UPGRADED COSMETIC 1 Exclusive Disguise (Santa Claus Disguise)
    ➣ 7500 Claimblocks
    ➣ 1000 Sellshard uses
    ➣ 25% Personal Sell Multiplier

    Here are some cool previews of the bundle, any extra information you may, of course, ask for assistance on the matter.

    Thank you for reading & we hope you enjoy the updates
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