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    Aug 13, 2019
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    As of November 30th, 2019, players are free to enter someone's claim without their permission.

    I'm absolutely positive that many people want to keep their farms private, but they can't know what's happening if they're offline and someone enters their claim. Not only that, but some players refuse to leave your claim for no apparent reason, and they won't leave until staff teleports them away. Easy solutions include:

    /banfromclaim - allows the claim owner to ban certain people from entering the claim
    /kickfromclaim - allows the claim owner to kick certain people from the claim
    /kickallfromclaim - allows the claim owner to kick every single person out of their claim except for people on /trustlist.
    /closeclaim - allows the claim owner to isolate their claim and not allow anyone to get in
    /claimlog - allows the claim owner to see who entered/exited/passed close (100-200 blocks away) from your claim. Can also solve unauthorized home-setting.

    Please keep in mind that players are still able to freely enter/exit your claim if you don't ban them from your claim.

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

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    There's a difference between "entering without permission" and intentionally finding and entering someones claim to steal their items. Sure someone walking into your claim can be dealt with easier than someone purposely glitching or stealing items. I like the idea of banning players access but how would that work with pwarps?