CMT & Staff Applications are Closed!

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    Staff & CMT Applications
    Today we will be closing both Trainee (Staff) and CMT applications. If your are looking to apply for either of these roles please do so by the end of the day! (11:59 EST)

    Any open applications will be processed as long as they are submitted before 11:59 EST.

    Developer & Builder applications will remain open!

    **Please note that if you are looking to apply and you need to wait one month from either recently joining or being denied, and if that date falls after Friday, you will be unable to apply at this time.

    CMT Applications
    CMT applications will be closed while we re-work its application format. It's expected that CMT applications will reopen near the end of the month or early June.

    Trainee/Staff Applications
    Staff applications don't currently have a planned time on when we will be reopening them. We currently have a pretty extensive staff team who have been doing a great job! We may choose to reopen trainee applications for specific time zone or region before applications are reopen to everyone.
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