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    With the adding of compressed items to Potato, majority of the comp items have a use, especially the crops and meats (meats for spawners, crops for spawner and just to save space) though, there are some items that do not currently have a use, and I've thought of some use for them. As it stands, I think there is 6 comp items that do not have a current use; coal, redstone, gold (other than healing axe), diamond, emerald and quartz.

    The main way I can think to be used would be some form of tool and armor:

    - Compressed coal armor. When wearing a full set of the armor, it acts as a walking light source for the player and does not affect crop growth or mob spawning. Though, it would have a certain radius that it lights up, rather than how nightvision is. To make it not as op, it could have a cool down as well, say it acts like a light source for a certain amount of time and has a cooldown, like the prismarine tools.

    - A pickaxe for mining where the ability highlights any ores that are in your vision for a certain amount of time - kinda like how when you walk on or hit a redstone ore it will briefly light up

    - Boots - made up of 4 stacks of comp redstone. While wearing them, it comps any items in your inventory, though you have to be moving for them to comp.

    Gold, Diamond and Emerald; A series of tools and buffs
    So for this, I was thinking of sort of a spectrum, where gold would be the weakest of the buffs / ability, and emerald be the strongest.

    Pickaxe & shovel: A small explosion that has a cooldown of 1 min, though as it becomes stronger (gold to emerald) the explosion will become bigger and have a bigger cooldown. Sort of like blast though have a bigger impact. This would allow people to clear space out faster.

    Hoe: The ability to hoe a certain amount of dirt with 1 click. Once you click the activate the ability, you will be given a certain amount of time to hoe any dirt that you walk on. As you go from gold to emerald, the radius increases.

    - Armor that, once you have a full set and are hit by a mob, will be given a random buff for a short amount of time. This would let people explore the end and nether more easily.

    I'm not sure if any of this would even be possible to add though, just some ideas that came to mind!
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    good ideas <o/
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    I like these ideas; however, most buffs/ability ideas aren't really in our resources to begin with. We cannot bring these together just yet and will most likely if anything be an idea for the future of recipes instead of the beginning updates for recipes. I like the idea of coal amor, maybe this is something that would be possible to create :)

    My suggestions. Let me know if you like these:

    Coal Armour: Black leather amour that has enchantments and that are unbreakable. Wear all of the amour set to activate a coal break particle effect along-side giving you haste I.

    Coal Tools: Diamond tool set that gives you a random custom enchantment or normal minecraft enchantment for 30 seconds. Random enchantment each time.

    Each of these sets will require a new recipe item called "Wither Skull Fragment" which can only be obtained
    by breaking, watering down and furnacing a normal wither skull.

    These sets will also require compressed coal.
    Let me know what you think of these ideas.