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    I want to start of by saying that you guys do a great job and I would like to thank you for all the support and friendship you guys have brought to Peaceful Farms. The reason I'm writing this is because I'm tired of getting in trouble for things that you guys (staff) don't agree on. Personally I feel like there is a lack of communication happening. How can you say that its up to staff when it comes to rule breaking. Rules are rules and they should be set in place. Its annoying to see the " its up to each individual staff ". Either I'm breaking the rules or I'm not. For example the spam, as staff you should all agree on what is and isn't spam. some may say the 3 messages after each other is spam. The other says that its not. This one might give me a warning and the other will tell me that its completely fine. Rules should be set in stone. Another thing I would like to talk about is Staff Reports. Many people have told me and showed the their staff reports and I have made a staff report myself, its been up for the past couple months and no one did anything about it. The staff member that was in the report actually got a promotion not to long after. As a player that makes me think that you guys don't read them or don't acknowledge them. I could be wrong and if I am please tell me that I am. When someone complains about a staff member and then you guys say "file a staff report", it makes us a bit mad. We know that most of the time reports don't do anything. Finally I would like to talk about power abuse and picking and choose who to and not to punish. I have seen many staff abuse their power. Yes it could be in very small things but still, Abuse is abuse. And I'm not saying that you guys cant have fun with players, But if you are going to punish us for the smallest thing we do because its your "responsibility". Please be responsible with the power that was given to you. I was recently in warned for "spam" because I said[​IMG]
    I'm not saying that I wasn't breaking the rules but I saw 3 other people do the same thing without someone typing in between and they didn't get anything punishments. One of those players was in a call with me at the time, He told me that he didn't get warned to muted. This is also not the first it has happened but it is the only one I have screenshots of.

    I know that I don't have the best reputation on this server and that I can be a real dick sometimes, but that's not the person I want to be seen as. If I've done something in the past the upset you please feel free to message me about it on discord. My Discord tag is Rimon#2004.

    Thank you for listening also, Thank you for dedicating time our of you busy lives to play Peaceful Farms and handle all the things that go on. From Raids, trolls, people looking to start drama and everything else that happens. I know that there is a lot in the background of PF that we players don't see and we truly don't understand how much effort you guys put into this server, For that I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    For any other players that see this, Feel free to add on to it about and say what you want to say.
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    First of all I’d like to thank you for taking time to write this post today. Any constructive criticism is welcome. Reading though the post you have brought up some concerns I’ve wanted to deal with recently as-well but I’ll dive deeper into that in the second paragraph.

    Your thread provides some valid points in terms of reports not being handled to the best expectation we usually withhold. I can ensure that I have dealt with staff reports and player reports before but don’t always provide a full detailed response simply because I don’t want the issue to cause another uprise. Though you’re right as this does hold some sort of responsibility.

    The warning system has received a slight update. I feel this may be appropriate to speak about considering warnings prior to this update were seen as a more serve punishment. Warnings now can be seen like a verbal punishment. The reason that we have merged this system into our punishment system is because 1. It is more convenient for staff judgement. 2. It was well organised compared to guessing when the last staff made a verbal warning. This allows Peaceful Farms to stop those who want to consistently break small rules in order to not receive a harsh punishment but frequent small punishments. Please understand this most likely will not affect applications unless your record is full of active warnings. Staff are told to give their best judgement because it is very unlikely that cases are exactly the same. Cases are unique which is why punishments should be served uniquely unless it entirely falls under the same category. This doesn’t exclude how you feel and I totally agree that this can some what be confusing.

    in terms of abuse. I cannot say I have personally seen this happen or at least not to own my knowledge. I’ll happily dive deeper into this situation. Please understand that this situation will dealt with appropriately. If you don’t receive a response, it doesn’t mean your report was invalid.

    Thank you for giving staff appreciation, they do the absolute best in which they don’t need to. Active and mature staff are one of the reasons PF stays strong throughout the years.

    yours sincerely, Manager dadky.