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    Peaceful Farms Discord Rules

    Please be aware that our discord rules are only enforced on our discord. If something is happening that goes against Discord's TOS and this isn't on our discord, you may report them by clicking here. If it involves several of our community members that have been with Peaceful Farms then you may report them by clicking here. Please be aware that we do not take light in punishments given on our discord server, you may be kicked as a warning and banned instantly given circumstances.

    Please be aware that if a staff member or higher enforces something that may
    not be stated in these rules, you're still to listen and follow through.
    You're also prohibited from loop-holing rules, if the staff team feel you're loop-holing our rules
    in any way shape or form, you will be issued a punishment.

    Please read Discord's guidelines by heading to
    • No player disrespect
      • Though this could be very controversial to what is and isn't "disrespectful", you must use common sense in this matter. Calling a player a name using vulgar words i.e "Bitch" or similar terms will get you removed from our discord; however, (if) in a joking or tolerable manner in our NSFW channels, this is allowed.
    • No racism, offensive terms or discrimination.
      • This is not permitted anywhere online and we will not start with discord. Using terms "that's gay" in a joking manner is somewhat okay if in a tolerable manner. Staff members will use their best judgement.
    • No Trolling behaviour.
      • Though this could be very confusing to what is determined "trolling", you may indeed ask a staff member if what is about to be said or what has been said to other or by other is either allowed or not. Trolling is to cause disturbance to another player/s in a "funny" like manner to make another feel distressed, uneasy or uncomfortable. General examples below:
        • Joining calls to yell purposely to get reactions with a wide audience.
        • Spamming join/exit to cause disturbance and annoyance.
        • Pretending to hack, dox, ddos, or similar intents.
        • Showing aggression to another player making them feel uneasy.
        • Joining voice calls to add music to the queue and leaving intentionally.
          • Joining a call to add a song and leaving to annoy the other person isn't permitted.
        • and many more examples.
    • No Advertising.
      • Advertising other discord channels, Minecraft Servers, Social Media handles or similar isn't tolerated. Advertising is to announce to many or individuals of a website, client, product where it leads you away from Peaceful Farms links, in general conversation, this may be allowed; however, mentions of server names is also not permitted. Please take notice that going through our server list to invite players to advertise of any sort isn't tolerated and if caught will be network banned.
      • A list of what is allowed can be viewed below:
        • General conversation of servers Hypixel, Mineplex, or Hive which are very well known servers.
          • You may ask others to go play a mini-game on these servers listed above in voice chat if there are only 3-4 players in a voice call. Asking others to join mini-games on these servers or any server in text channels isn't permitted.
        • Youtube videos related to Minecraft, songs, funny-style videos or Peaceful Farms related.
          • Youtube videos going against our rules isn't permitted and this does include Youtube videos involving other servers or server names.
          • Controversial videos i.e opinions on "Cancelled" nature videos aren't permitted or "Drama channel" related is also included.
        • Small arcade websites are allowed if listed below:
    • No threatening behaviour.
      • Threatening, intimidating or saying you're going to do something that involves violence, cause harm to them/ their family or similar. Threatening to dox, ddos, leak information, take down, or similar intents will get you network banned if intentional.
      • Please notice this rule involves sending links to players to result in IP grabbing or similar intents.
        • if you're in the NSFW channel and you're saying you're going to beat somebody up as a joke that is allowed unless the other player displays discomfort. Staff are to use their best judgement for this.
    • No Harassment.
      • Harassing somebody is to annoy, upset, or cause any kind of disturbance to a player or players. If this is being done in a text-channel or voice-call you will be removed from our discord; however, if you feel like you are being "harassed" in our NSFW channel, you may leave or move to another channel in which to carry on your conversation. General examples of harassment:
        • Sexual behaviour in call to somebody that may feel uncomfortable.
        • Moving to several channels where a player is to upset or annoy them.
        • Replying to message a player sends in a aggressive manner.
          • Please don't report this if it is within the same day, this must be constant.
        • Similar intents.
      • Please be aware that harassment is a big case, if you feel you're being harassed by a player, you can, of course, report them by contacting a staff member immediately. Depending on administrator judgement, they will face the punishment given by the administrator.
    • No sensitive or inappropriate content.
      • "inappropriate content" is to send or say words/messages involving pornographic or sexual material, excessive use of vulgar messages or illegal drug references. Please take notice that still does include nicknames and usernames.
        • This may be allowed in our NSFW channel; however, you may NOT be excessive to the point where many other individuals feel uncomfortable. General examples below:
          • Playing loud inappropriate noises
        • Discussion of legalized drug is allowed; however, this is only limited to NSFW.
          • other terms "I'm high", "wanna get lit" "420" may be allowed in all channels depending on channel specific rules and if not excessive. Staff will use their best judgement.
    • No Excessive Spam.
      • "Spamming" is to repeat words, phrases, or similar which causes the discord text-channels to become flooded with the same message or similar messages. In all our text-channels, you are not permitted to send over 7 messages within the 3 seconds.
        • #music and #bot-chat may be excluded for this rule, but please use common sense and don't annoy other members of the community.
    • No Controversial topics.
      • Being controversial is to give your opinion or belief on a matter that the entirety of the server can have a disagreement over. General examples listed below:
        • Politics
        • Religion
        • other similar topics
    • No Arguing.
      • Causing a scene in any of our channels will get you removed from our discord if you have an issue with punishment or something isn't quite up-to-standards, you may request higher administration assistance. General examples listed below:
        • "Why was I banned I didn't do nothing this is a shit server blah blah"
        • "This player has done this and you haven't done anything"
        • "I haven't got my rank, you scam artists"
        • other general phrases.
    • You must follow and listen to certain channel specific rules.
      • What this means is, you have to follow the individual channels that have a set list of further unannounced rules displayed on this thread. You can find further listed rules (if the channel has any) by clicking a pinned messages on the top right. General examples listed below:
        • [#staff-assistance] No unrelated or off-topic type messages, it is simple, you don't need assistance, don't message at all.
        • [#clean-general] No vulgar messages or cursing or kind of that nature. If you aren't going to be polite, respectful, and mature in this channel. simply don't speak or message.
    • Sub-rules (Multiple rules that don't follow the above; however, still aren't allowed)
      • If in a call with others, the voice call/s are only limited to only speaking fluent english. If you're speaking to friends or players that you're having a conversation with (if) in another language and theres players that do-not speak this language, please move to another one of our voice calls where you may continue your call.
      • The reason for this rule isn't to at all discriminate other player/s. This is souly due to the fact that staff cannot moderate all voice channels so this limits us. Players have reported other players speaking in different languages incorrectly/wrongly about them which is WHY this rule is now taking place. Adjustments may be made!
    • Discord direct messages.
      • This rule is based around direct messages that are sent to players that are apart of the Peaceful Farms Community. Please understand that your Discord direct messages are not monitored by the staff team or administration. If various reports suggest that your direct messages include acts of Harassment, Discrimination, Paedophilia/Predatory acts, Advertisement, Scamming Material, Malicious threats or links or of similar sorts, you will be punished by administration, indefinitely with reasons supplied within your ban punishment and to you if upon request.
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