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    Since the day I've joined PF, this has been something I despised. The command of /enchant has single handily killed an essential aspect of MINECRAFT alone. There's legit almost no purpose to EXP farms besides the loot from them. EXP is useless. The same concern has been brought up before and the solution given was Rebecca's mom requiring EXP to trade for Wisp of Freedom and also the 60 LEVELS for a rank up. Why isn't the idea of making /enchanted items player bound not a thing..? It doesn't hurt current ULT's value.. in fact, it makes it more valuable since the ULTs would not have to worry about enchanting items.

    Also, the 60 LEVELS requirement for ONE rank.. holy.. I legit still have 60+ LEVELS since the day I hit that rank. If it wasn't for the 50+ items I've renamed, I would probably be 100+ LEVELS.

    If there aren't keyparties, newer players legit have NO way of getting nice gears/tools because they're way too valuable unless they get free enchants from ULTs. Veteran players would easily outbid a new player when an auction happens. Although keyparties are pretty common now, there has been months of NO keyparties in PF history.

    If you just take a moment to realize that it can get super hard to trade/buy a rare item on a server with 40 players normally (potato at the moment), imagine what it is like on a lesser server like (carrot) who has an average of 10 players max.

    Also, just imagine a new player joining PF and spending 50+ hours making a massive EXP grinder to sell enchantments to only find out that ULT can enchant anything for anyone for FREE. Yes, this has happened. I've witness this happen on PF. Who is to join to know that this exist?

    Vote crate also needs to be revamped. That itself is something that needs to be put into the picture. But specifically, here, why are you getting an even better than a maxed out vanilla tool from voting at such a common rate while you also get enchantment books that are LITERALLY almost useless? The margin of USELESS to USEFUL is HUGE and that's a BIG problem. If a default gets a vote tool on the first day, that person is SET. No need to look for better vanilla tools. This is especially the case for the Vote Pickaxe.
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    Completely agree