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    Introducing to you, our 'Events Server'. This is our latest addition to the Peaceful Farms server and is nothing like we've ever released before. Peaceful Farms use to enjoy mini-games hosted by staff members, small little parkour sessions, etc. The team thought it would be cool to introduce something more official and automated. The events server will be a server where all events will be hosted including but not limited to: 'Build competition', 'mini-games' and 'Parkour'. You can win Event gifts from participating in games that are hosted either by staff or the administration.

    We're excited for you to enjoy the game modes we currently have created for Peaceful Farms, today. These game modes are extremely fun which we're hoping you'll enjoy as much as we have. It's been a wild experience but that experience is what we're bringing to you. We're hoping to introduce more features for later events, this includes: 'Player Statistics', 'Cosmetics' & more.

    Heres more detail about our current game modes:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hot Snowball. This game mode can be looked similar to the game 'Hot Potato'; however, has a huge twist. You have to throw snowballs at the other player to tag them! 1/4 players get tagged as the game starts. There is currently only 1 map for this game mode.

    Snow Blast. This game mode is all about survival. All players that enter the game start off with 3 lives which you need to keep in order to stay alive. Getting hit by another player snowball will remove one of your lives.

    Remember, these game modes can be every tricky when you first start off; however, with practice you could potentially be the best in competitions that the team sets.

    Heres some screenshots of the events:


    We're planning to host a staff hosted event soon. You can win prizes such as Christmas Bundles, commands, ranks, and keys for winning games in these events so be sure to get your practice in before then! You can find out when these events are happening over on our discord by clicking here. Please make sure you verify your account if you haven't already!

    Features coming we're expecting to release in the future:

    ➣ Events Store. Buy cosmetics, death effects & more!
    ➣ Ranking system.
    ➣ More player statistics.
    ➣ Event Crates.

    These features are still undetermined whether they will be released; however, we're hopefully expecting them to be released before other game modes appear on the server.

    Want to get involved? We're looking for BETA testers to be more involved in upcoming events and up-coming updates released to the rest of the Network. We want you to be apart of this because we'd like to squash bugs even faster with your helping hands! Get your hands dirty and have fun while you're at it!

    If you'd like to participate in bug-finding up-coming updates. You can apply for
    beta by
    clicking here! Are you a developer and you want to participate in making these games better with more features? Do you want to use your creativity and have fun with others while you're at it? apply for our developer position by clicking here! Want to get involved in creating maps for our Events server/ or other builds for Peaceful Farms? Please apply for our Builder position by clicking here!

    Want to create a suggestion for another game-mode in the future? We'd happily take your ideas into consideration! Click here to create suggestions!

    Have you found a bug on the events server or anywhere on the network? have you found map glitches or broken game mechanics? Be sure to report it by clicking here! If you'd like to report a player abusing those bugs and glitches. you may report players by clicking here.

    We hope you have an amazing Christmas if you celebrate it! Be sure to check out our store if you're looking to buy something for yourself or somebody else. Check out our limited Christmas crate as well by clicking here.
    Check out our Christmas bundle by clicking here.
    Wanna donate separately to support Peaceful Farms? Get there by clicking here.

    This minigame was inspired by wqffle's ideas :D
    Credits to ehgg for the artwork and designs.
    Credits to the entire team for their feed back and more.

    Thank you for reading & we hope you enjoy the updates
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