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    ➢ Halloween Event!

    Boo! I mean- hi all! It’s the exciting time of year when people spend time pretending to be ghosts or maybe just eating some chocolate. Either way, we’re excited to introduce spooky themed new updates to Peaceful Farms. We hope that you have fun with what’s to come!

    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active and more because you want to see the server grow and more. You may donate separately over at


    This year we’ll be hosting a Halloween event in a map of its very own- complete with a haunted house, a graveyard, fun quests, a boss fight, and more that you can discover by doing /warp Halloween. By completing quests, you’ll be able to earn candy corn tokens that you can use to trade for exclusive armor. The quests include a scavenger hunt, a maze, a quest to help a sad townsman who’s cart broke down, a search for a child’s lost flower pot, and a fight to take jack-o-lanterns back from some skeletons. You’ll also be able to earn Halloween Boss Tokens, by defeating the Halloween Witcher Boss! With these tokens, you can buy cosmetics exclusive to the Halloween event, or unlock trophies you can use to show how many bosses you killed!

    Boss: The Witcher boss

    Quests: 4 mini quests which reward you with candy corn to buy exclusive armour

    Rewards: candy corn (used for buying exclusive werewolf and vampire armour), boss killing trophies, werewolf suffix, and candy corn particles)

    ➢ Halloween Bundle and NEW Deluxe Bundle

    The Halloween bundle is making a comeback, complete with taunts, a gokart pet, a booster, and more. Due to the positive response to the Deluxe Summer Bundle, there will also be a Deluxe Halloween Bundle.


    [click here to buy bundle]

    • Rainbow Armour
    • 6 Halloween Keys
    • 2 Exclusive pre-made tags (Vampire Tag & Fire Tag)
    • 1 Exclusive taunt (Vampire Taunt)
    • 1 Exclusive Pet (Orange GoKart Pet)
    • 2 Exclusive Particles (Halloween Aura & Bones)
    • 1 Exclusive Disguise (Wither Disguise)
    • 7500 Claimblocks
    • 1000 Sellshard uses
    • 25% Personal Sell Multiplier
    • Bob Ross Aura Particle
    • Bob Ross Tag
    • Witch Tag (Deluxe Only)
    • Candy Corn Tag (Deluxe Only)
    • Scare Taunt (Deluxe Only)
    • Vampire Disguise (Deluxe Only)
    ➢NEW Halloween crate

    Looking to get some new and different tools? Want some spooky themed cosmetics, such as the new ghoul tag? Trying to get more claim blocks? Look no further than the Halloween Crate.

    [Click here to Buy Halloween Crate Keys]


    ➢New Additional Features

    -Color Codes on Signs

    If you have the
    Ultimate rank, you can now use color codes on signs!
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    wow. thats actually a really cool update ngtl.