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    Hello lovers. Another lover, another valentine's! It's valentine's month and we have lots in the works to tease and present to you. We hear your feedback and worries! This Valentine's thing has been worked on and proved that can be quite challenging to integrate into Peaceful Farms which is why we are taking time before implementing anything too quickly! Read below for a list of changes, responses to your worries and what we have taken into account for the Peaceful Farms community!

    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active and more because you want to see the server grow and more. You may donate separately over at

    What's happening to Carrot?
    Okay. I wanted to bring this up with you today because I know it's been demanded by many players and people who want a fresh start. Carrot is going to reset, EVENTUALLY and when that comes you're going to be experiencing more than potato is today based on your feedback. As you can tell, on Potato there have been issues with crashes, not so pleasant changes and the dislike of compressed crops being abused. I'm going to inform you that this won't be happening on Carrot. Let me express to you some ideas we have already been planning on implementing or brainstorming around for when Carrot does indeed reset. Just note you will get a heads up when Carrot does reset, and we haven't done that yet, so you shouldn't have to worry about this right now.

    ➣ Toggleable Gold Bar Menu.
    The gold bar menu has been very controversial in terms of it both not being able to
    be moved, disabled or turned off and used for later use and i can agree although,
    many players have grown to learn and love this quick navigation feature. Its not-
    everybody's cup of tea. In Carrot's update, the gold bar menu will be toggle-able by
    the command.

    ➣ Better Performance.
    Both myself & Kiri have been discussing this for a while and have noticed that the
    performance of both 1.15 and all its currents features will need to be reorganised.
    This means the removal of some plugins or community favourites. This will bring you
    better performance and less crashes while experiencing new future features. We are
    willing to invest into better performance i.e a) hiring more developers and
    b) getting more people involved in management.

    That being said, if you are interested in being hired as a developer for Peaceful Farms,
    please do so at

    ➣ Compressed items for everybody.
    We found an increasing amount of players not knowing what compressed items are
    or what they do, etc. Instead of increasing that confusion we're going to be making
    compressed items available to everybody; however, the recipes will still need to be

    ➣ More recipes and variations of current recipes and crops!
    This has yet to be worked on; however, we're working on bringing recipes a better update. Unlock more recipes with less trouble!
    The features above are still being constantly discussed. Changes and adjustments will take place to community liking. Of course, we're investing our time into creating these features while minimizing bugs as preferred. Please be patient with us as we smooth out everything for a perfect carrot update once it is time. Be excited!

    Want to follow us on different platforms? Say no more! You can find us over on these platforms listed below for announcements & more. Twitter will especially be getting exclusive giveaways soon so be on the lookout and get following!

    [Click to be redirected] Peaceful Farms Youtube Account
    [Click to be redirected] Peaceful Farms Twitter Account

    NEW Beta Server and 1.15.x!
    I know many players are currently circling around with what is happening with these Minecraft updates and when are they coming to Peaceful Farms! I know everybody might like a bee farm; however, with updates comes performance and with performance in mind, the server needs to constantly be debugged and tested to make sure your player data, cosmetics and more are all stable enough to be transferred and used without them being at risk. We have some plans we're currently making to ensure these updates will be the best it can be.

    More information will be given around the time of release; however, we'd like to inform you that we will be releasing an experimental season that will last for x months (undecided) on our beta server soon, where you can test out and give feedback of our new features and 1.15.2!

    NEW Cosmetics Menu!
    You might have already seen but the new cosmetics menu and its features have been implemented on both live servers of Peaceful Farms. We have true intentions to make these cosmetics more stable and have better performance with ultimate support. Future updates will ensure that all cosmetics are to be stable and work well with our network. Here are a few features of what the new cosmetics menu has for you.

    ➣ Filter and sub-category filter.
    ➣ Quick access. do /cosmetics and click any shop shown infront of u!
    ➣ Cosmetics Collection! View all your owned cosmetics!
    ➣ Disable all or certain cosmetics through our filter!

    What are some features to come? There is no time limit on when these will come to this menu; however, for now, please enjoy the features that have already come above!

    ➣ Commands support. (No longer needing to do /particles or /taunts but easier!)

    NEW Valentines Crate!
    Come view our valentines crate live on both servers today. From receiving rewards of cosmetics, tools that help you have high efficiency, fortune, and custom enchantments and more. Season crates stay until the next season crate is released so come view the Valentine's crate contents today!

    Buy key parties that give keys to every player and get featured on our official discord and more!


    NEW Valentines Standard Bundle!
    With a new season comes a new bundle, get your hands on our Valentine's bundle where you can get cosmetics, claim blocks and more at a price that's worth it! Get exclusive cosmetics that are never featured in any other season bundle or crate ever!

    ➣ Rainbow Armour
    ➣ 6 Valentines Crate Keys

    ➣ 2 Exclusive pre-made tags (Loveyou & Senpai)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive taunt (Offer Rose)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive Pet (Kitten mPet)
    ➣ 2 Exclusive Particles (Hearts & Pink Wings)

    MORPH 1 Exclusive Disguise (Cupid Disguise/Morph)
    ➣ 7500 Claimblocks
    ➣ 1500 Sellshard uses
    ➣ 25% Personal Sell Multiplier x2

    Here are some cool previews of the bundle, any extra information you may, of course, ask for assistance on the matter.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)!
    Here is a huge list of questions that were repetitively asked during the release of Potato. If you have a question and your question wasn't answered here. Please consider asking your question over on our discord HTTP://DISCORD.PEACEFULFARMS.NET/
    • Is Carrot being reset anytime soon?
    • There is no concrete date for Carrot's reset. I know many of you are anticipating for one, but it will not be for months that Carrot will be reset. Carrot reset will take place after the experimental season. We currently have no idea how long the experimental season will last. That being said, if Carrot is being reset and we do come up with a date down the line, you will be the first to know, so if you are currently playing on carrot and want to continue, reset shouldn't be of concern right now.
    • What are the new morph cosmetics that are found in /cosmetics?
    • These are custom created disguises that are different from disguises viewed today. Use these cosmetics to troll friends as a joke or more!
    • Does Peaceful Farms have all the updated blocks on Minecraft? I.e bees?
    • Peaceful Farms is currently 1.13.2, you cannot craft blocks or obtain items that are found on any version higher; however, you may still connect to all live servers. We are hoping to upgrade to the latest Minecraft version soon.

    Thank you for reading & we hope you enjoy the updates
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