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    Nov 8, 2019
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    I’m hiring multiple workers to help me with my current build projects, that consists of pwarps, 9x9 chunk farms and more.
    Specifically looking for:
    Someone to help build large cactus farm, can do pay by the hour or pay by the dbl chest of materials placed.
    Someone to place materials dirt, stone, glass etc, due to large scale of this job I would prefer to pay based on the dbl chests placed.
    Someone to help clear off land and excavate in the overworld, taking chunks down to bedrock. Can tp you in game so you can give prices since chunks vary greatly. Some are loaded with lava, others are loaded with water and some just stone.
    Unfortunately most of these jobs do require fly; however, if you don’t have fly but are a hard worker don’t be discouraged. Send me a forum message or talk to me in game and we will work it out!
    As a side note ideally most of these jobs will go to newer players who can benefit the most from them.