How to Obtain and Defeat the Wither

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    This guide is going to teach you how to obtain the items to build and defeat the wither, and how to defeat the boss itself.

    Step 1
    The first thing to do is to obtain the following:
    - 4+ diamonds
    - 14 obsidian
    - 1 book
    - 1 flint and steel
    - Armor: at least full iron, if not diamond
    - A lot of lapis lazuli, EXP and more books
    - 15 bookshelves

    Step 2
    Use the items you obtained to craft/build:
    - 1 nether portal
    - 1 enchantment table
    - 1 diamond sword

    Step 3
    Enter the nether using your portal and obtain 4 blocks of soulsand. Then, come back home and enchant books at your enchantment table. You can also combine books at an anvil if need be (remember, a looting 2 book combined with a looting 2 book makes a looting 3 book, etc). You will want to eventually combine books with a diamond sword to obtain a diamond sword with Smite V and Looting III.

    Step 4
    After obtaining your Smite V Looting III sword, go to /warp grinder and battle wither skeletons until you obtain three wither skeleton skulls. You have now got the gear to battle the Wither.

    Step 5
    Check that you have everything for the fight. If you would like to speed it up, get some Strength II potions. If you don't have access to /fly, grab a bow and arrows. Worried about dying? Improve your armor or get some golden apples. Make sure you have some good food with high saturation, like steak or gold carrots.

    Step 6
    We now want to build the room to engage combat in. Travel to the nether and dig out a room that is 15x15, and 3-5 blocks high. Make sure the floor and ceiling are smooth. Build a small canopy, two blocks above the ground, in one corner.

    Step 7
    It's time to battle! Enter the room and build the wither totem (a T of soulsand with wither skeleton skulls on top). Run under the canopy, and once the wither spawns, eat a golden apple and strength potion if you have them. Repeatedly hit the wither from under the protection, or if you want, run out and get critical hits. You could even use your bow! Once the fiend is dead, you have obtained your nether star. Congratulations!

    Thank you for reading and I hope this helps if you want a beacon. I hope you enjoyed! :)