Open iron farms vs gold farms

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    Hi in recent change logs there has been an update where iron golems no longer drop poppies and im wondering if this sort of change can be implemented with zombiepigmen since gold is much harder to get then iron and considering pigmen drop 2 kinds of loot i think removing zombie flesh drops from pigmen would certainly be needed since they drop nuggets and flesh, without a sorting system these pigmen farms and people like myself who are aiming for free gold pwarps, it would be messy, alot of entities and no one goes to my pigman farm specifically for flesh so i dont think it would affect anyone at all.

    Its either that or make item sorters a thing since gold doesnt have much use on this server and i would like to change that since piglin trading with gold, making netherite with gold etc would be even harder when they drop 2 kinds of loot and i think pigmen spawners are already hard enough to craft and without a sorting system pigmen farms and free gold pwarps will never be any value on this server which is upsetting since everyone aims for free iron and i would like to be the first person to have an effective pigman farm (currently have 67 spawners) and it wont happen when people are getting flesh drops and they cant be filtered automatically
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    I think the return of item sorter is necessary. This is another example of why it's needed back. You can filter out the unwanted without removing the normal experience of Minecraft like the roses from iron golems.

    Item sorters also opens up to a lot of other things that has been mentioned in a different post also.
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