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    This is a repost because my old one disappeared??

    As you all know, recently, there has been a new crate added to Peaceful Farms; the Time-Capsule Crate.

    However, with the addition of this new crate, many rare items' values have plummeted. Take, for example, the SPOOKY PICK. This pickaxe used to be worth easily over eleven million. However, because now you can get it anytime you want, it's value dropped to a measly four to five million. People who bought it before for double or even triple the prices were caught out by this sudden change.

    This crate also defeats the purpose of any seasonal crate, as they offer items exclusive to a specific time of year. You can take advantage of the fact that now that the Time-Capsule Crate will eventually bear this item as part of its rewards. The demand will be significantly lower, and you can capitalize on the fact that now the items will be much cheaper than when they were first released. With the Summer Crate, people were excited about the Tropical tools. With the Halloween Crate, people were excited about the SPOOKY PICK. But sooner or later, they will find themselves in the Time-Capsule Crate.

    If the whole point of seasonal crates was to add a limited-time for new tags/tools/taunts, then why re-add them all in a new crate that, and I quote, "planned to be a permanent crate and will be available on both servers." That in itself defeats the purpose of any other seasonal crate.

    An easy solution is to not have the Time-Capsule Crate available for any day of the week, but rather only during holidays or during an event. Having this crate available to everyone, anytime, just makes the whole point of seasonal crates obsolete. Why would we even have seasonal crates if everything will eventually end up in the Time-Capsule Crate? If the Time-Capsule Crate were to be added, why do we even need these special, limited, seasonal crates?

    Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.


    "seasonal crate" refers to crates that are only available during certain times of the year (i.e Summer Crate, Halloween Crate, etc.)
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    The seasonal crates guarantee a seasonal item whereas the timecapsule one doesn't.

    I feel like it's more of a "well you COULD get a spooky pickaxe" than having a higher chance.

    The timecapsule crate pool will continue to increase making it harder and harder to get rarer items, Whereas the seasonal crates will allow people to have a higher chance of getting what they want.