March - May Change Logs

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    This is the list of March-May Change logs that were not posted to the forum.
    • Penguin & MP8 pet has been fixed. You should now be able to use them if you got them from the crate, sorry for the inconvenience!
    • Improved the vote crate to make earning vote keys more appealing to players!
    • Peaceful Farms shop update 3.0
    • Newly changed shop layout, more complied and friendly, less compact.
    • Added shops and removed shops
    • Introducing Daily bonuses, Daily quests and other small rewards around the Shop
    • New Library feature, Used in multiple shops ( Contact Us, Cosmetics, Warps and more )
    • Profile now cleaner, including rank progress and more.
    • New /record command, showing your overall punishments ( Also accessible by clicking your profile player head in /shop )
    • New PointShop Shops, including a coming soon feature ( Suffix Tags )
    • Claims will now extend down 100 blocks
    • You can now claim in the end
    • Fixed repair, prices and /record
    • Added all wool types, plain terracotta, and dragon egg
    • Daily quests now change depending on the day, new quest every day, resets every week!
    • You can now get 2 spawn eggs for 1 point, also added back 3 spawn eggs ( Pigman, Slime, and Magmacube ), also lowered lilypad price.
    • Fixed cost lores on packages and permissions.
    • Introduced new placeholders, Time played and all-time votes to your profile.
    • VotingGUI changed to VotingBook.
    • Fixed Daily bonus, Daily Quest, and Monthly Donor Bonus. Sorry in advance!
    • Fixed Daily bonus, Daily Quest, and Monthly Donor Bonus completely!
    • Rules now adjusted and updated to our defined rules.
    • Disguises and trails now only show if unlocked, you can enable and disable them through /shop trails or disguises(edited)
    • The second voting link is fixed
    • /seen has been added to the hero rank and up to follow with the store description.
    • Slime spawners now work in the overworld
    • Squid & Skeleton spawn eggs now give 1 instead of 2 as it is deemed to be more valuable than other spawn eggs.
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