Open New Server and New Implemented ideas?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by K0#3985, May 13, 2022.

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    1. I was thinking about Ya'll adding a test server that never gets reset and see how it goes.

    2. Maybe name it Tree and in that server things will be different like fixing the economy.
    3. Why? We lay waste to the gold, sometimes diamonds and iron because of the economic situation being quite poor.
    4. How do I know? People have stacks of stuff that we will never use.
    5. I see Many players join but I don't see them stay long enough and I think economy is a part of that reason, too many people suggest /shop but not everyone can afford it.
    6. When the time comes to reset the server, everyone who is rich will eventually be at the same state.
    7. I think the chat game should be the only one for time being and it should be a little altered. Maybe we could type random garbled words instead of unscrambling words.
    8. I think an increase in the reward from a chest to double the random cash since it's a different way of typing and takes process between juggling what letter it is, typing in time, and making sure you're the first person to type it.
    9. The economy for shop, could be based on selling blocks that are often usually needed, or our exp levels to the shop for cash, because of fishing taking a while, it's kind of a buzz to me personally and I don't want to just be fishing every time when I have no cash.
    10. It would be good to set up a system to trade for items we need if we still yet have no cash. Like a stack of wood for 2 stacks of cobble or something (as an example, depends on the ratio and demand per user.) It will decrease the need for signs that tell you about /warps, no one has to say "/shop", all the time.
    11. Note: The public farms I do appreciate, however I'm used to a farm that's usually at spawn everyone can access and is always visible at spawn.
    12. I wrote this as a rough draft and everything can be edited to a way that everyone feels is more appropriate to change, just a Lil idea.
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    Sorry about the pause - life shit happened.

    Not sure why your post is bulleted, but I think I get the gist of it; I've also been pushing for extra servers for a while. An economy fix should be applied to all servers, not just one - and they usually are. /shop, /sell, and /ah prices are almost never the same; and when it comes to most materials, you essentially create a post-scarcity economy once the farms kick in - this is further exacerbated by these materials being sellable, which can be invested into the creating of larger farms - looking at netherwart, iron, and gold. Honestly, anything that can be farmed is next to worthless, and shouldn't be sellable, or worth money - especially if farms can be limited to private instead of public, which means control of the market, and the money, rests with a select few. Public farms are appreciated, but still render their output essentially worthless. Your ideas of only making blocks buyable/sellable is interesting, and likely would be better applied to the compressed stuff. Exp for cash is brilliant, since it requires continuous, actual work, though I'm not sure how it could be implemented.
    I'm not sure how the garbled word game would work - more details, please? Giving different rewards for different react games sounds interesting, though, and I'm all for it.
    If you want to swap items, villagers are the way to go. I set up a villager trading hall, but lost interest in the server after a while - maybe you could set one up?
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