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    As being banned for cheating before, on multiple servers; I have experienced a lot of high and low quality anti cheat plugins, some being great, some being awful. Unfortunately I must make this post in order to make the staff and players aware that this server has virtually no anti cheat.

    Now before people start thinking I'm encouraging people to use cheats, that is far from the case. What I would like to see from this post is some sort of anti cheat plugin being implemented or updated since as I said, I have cheated on this server and it was way to easy to get away with and I think the fact this server has no anti cheat, it just opens a huge door for people who cheat vs people who dont cheat. for example;

    a new player joins the server - gets a free hero or ult kit (insta mine pickaxes) and from there they are able to xray, miner bot, auto farm and even fly using cheats.
    or even:
    a new player joins the server - checks out pwarps and realises there are a free iron and wither skull farms which they can automatically compress using gbm or even /comp (if ultimate rank) and even kill aura to just sell items that they illegally obtained.

    Never mind the open door for dupe glitches using cheats due to no anticheat this can potentially ruin the server by a overwhelming amount of illegal comp diamonds (xray diamonds or duped) and it just gives players who play legitimately a big disadvantage since alot of people who join are defaults most likely with cheats and this can break the server if this gets out of hand.

    There are ways to bypass the 4 alt limit as well, which in theory means somebody can get a bunch of alts online with software similar to miner bot and just ruin the server and the whole cheat fly just defeats the purpose of purchasable /fly and their main account can never get busted which can be a serious problem if there are a bunch of miner bots on built in vpns and you cannot locate the main account and don't even make me mention the fact people can login with unlimited alts for key parties (that is if they have the alts to use which you can buy 10 alts for around 4 euro, every single on of them can be cheat accounts with ZERO consequence to the player at large )

    Add an or a more updated anticheat to prevent this problem, even something as simple as this: upload_2021-9-11_17-48-29.png
    can prevent the amount of illegal obtained items using xray or other cheats.
    (I used a miner bot on a server that had this plugin and it wouldn't work correctly due to the confusion never mind manually x-raying)

    I hope people see this post as essential to the server because by implementing stuff as similar as this, there can be a lot of people who don't have to make ban appeals due to xray or even kill aura. Not only that , simple anti cheat plugins can prevent schematica's printer mode which can also stop ban appeals.

    The main reason i post this is because there is a huge open door for people to exploit this server and i know there are many people who have to commit the time and effort to play legitimately and the last thing i want is other people creating unfair advantages to the people who commit the most to this great server.

    edit: I think this server's anticheat realises solely on /v, thats how i was banned. they was watching me in /v rather than a plugin that tells you when someone is mining x amount of diamonds in x amount of time and relying on /v is not effective short or long term.

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    mainly people just need to read the rules before they actually start “hacking.”at the start of my join to the server i used an auto clicker for a building job that i was doing to receive money on the server. i didn’t realize that you werent allowed to use something as simple as that and got banned. but using a cheat like x-ray would be quite obvious with certain mining patterns because people would just go to diamonds or other ores that they need. i think it is a good idea though because i was pvping with a newer player and they were using kill aura among other cheats to attempt to kill me. i eventually realized it because they turned on fly hacks and i knew for a fact they had no temp fly time nor did they have /fly. the anti cheat is a great idea and i would also love to see it added. obviously it would have to be a anti cheat that allowed flying and other things like that that are added into the server by purchasing in real life or receiving in game