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    Hello everybody, and welcome to the new website!

    I hope everyone's year is off to a great start. My name is Jacob (in-game I am 2020) and I have recently acquired ownership of Peaceful Farms from Kaynine. I keep getting asked what my plans are for the future of the server, so I thought it would be a good idea to publicly announce what is coming in 2018.

    First, I want to address the change in ownership. Many are seeing it as a bad thing; they feel that the server is slowly losing its community as old players and staff begin to leave. In reality, however, it will be much better for the future of the server to have a more attentive and dedicated owner. I plan on spending multiple hours everyday working on the server and forums. I've already heard that players think that because I bought the server, I am only in it for the money -- that is simply not true. Growing the playerbase is my last priority. Right now, I am focused on polishing up the server so it remains enjoyable for the current players. The reason that releasing a new website was one of the first things I did is because I want players to have an easy way of communication with each other and staff members. Submitting suggestions, reports, and staff applications will be easy and responded to quickly. The server shop and pages to appeal punishments and apply for a staff position are coming in the next few days.

    There have been many questions about the next reset: if it is coming and what it will entail. Staff members and I have decided that because the last reset was a year ago, it is an appropriate time for another one. The scheduled reset date is Saturday, January 6th. Please take the time to vote here to help decide whether only the world should be reset or if everything should be reset (paid ranks will stay). There has also been discussion about a new spawn, quest system, and bosses -- this will most likely happen in a later update. To get involved, create a forum account and post your questions, suggestions, and feedback. Staff members and I will be looking through and responding. Check the forums and Discord daily for updates.

    Thank you all for a kind welcome. I want to reinforce that I will not make changes that the players do not approve of. Listening to the Peaceful Farms community is my biggest priority. If you would like to introduce yourself or if you have any questions, please message me. I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you. Let's get ready for an exciting year!
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