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    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active, and more, you can donate over at

    This announces the update for the Peaceful Farms Network. These updates are truly something we have worked hard on based on the community's response. Expect new features, major bug fixes, and much more to keep you entertained! We plan to release these updates onto both servers with nothing but the best intention to help our communities grow and bring fresh content for you all.

    This update will take place on both the Carrot and Potato server. Carrot will be getting an entirely new map aka a reset whereas, potato will not reset but will be updated to 1.15 with the new contents.

    Here are some of the features that will be present with the new update:
    • Updated Lobby.
    • Rank requirements.
    • PF Hoppers.
    • Organic Crops.
    • Hot Item.
    • McMMO Quests.
    • Cosmetic Menu.
    • Recipes and Dragon Update.
    • Gold Bar Menu.
    • Custom fishing update.
    • Dedicated builds
    • Updated Autosell shards.
    Other additional fixes or features:
    • Stacking bug fixes.
    • Statistics menu.
    • Dedicated menu for kits.
    • Ability tool bug fixes.
    • Server performance increase.
    • Updated compressed menu.
    • Enchantment fixes.
    • PickAPerk bug fixes.
    Currently, we're doing more than you could imagine. We're planning more than ever for Peaceful Farm's future and I'm sure with these updates released today, you'll enjoy Peaceful Farms more than you currently are. If you're coming from Carrot, feel free to read the post below to see what content Potato has that are coming to Carrot.

    Important statement:

    From now on forward, we're now subjecting laggy or badly designed auto farms to removal at any time. While there is no current rules in place for this, auto farms with timers are highly discouraged. It's important to build automatic farms that distribute load rather than ex: run through all pistons at once which causes large lag spikes.

    If we've come across your farm and it is to cause a huge amount of lag, you'll be asked to fix it instantly or without warning, possibly be removed. You can find various amount of timerless designs in which you can build on youtube. We'll soon be generalising a design which is the least laggiest for Peaceful Farms.
    If you currently have items in your player vault being transferred from the previous Carrot to the present Carrot, please use /rb 1. If you're trying to get the items you transferred from beta, please use /pb 1. Remember to take your items out of these player vaults as these vaults in specific will be removed in 2 weeks time. You can freely use /backpack or /pv 1 without any worry.

    Remember, if you had items in your player vault that could of potentially been removed this is most likely due to the blocked items which we discussed earlier this in the previous month. These limits were due players having a true fair and civil advantage. If you have lost any items outside of the blacklist found below then most likely you have experienced a bug. Let us know!

    List of contents that were either limited or blocked:

      • Shulker Box
      • Every item in /prices
      • Compressed Items
      • McMMO Level Vouchers
      • Money Note
      • Spawners (Spawners are permitted; however, we will only allow up to 5 spawners of each type)
      • Sell/McMMO multipliers (Limit of 3 each type)
      • Any type of fish
      • Reward Boxes (Reaction Boxes and Daily Mission Boxes. You may still bring forward Valentines Boxes and Christmas Boxes; however, they'll be disabled for the release of Carrot for fair chance)

    Summer is here for all of us and we're more than excited that you're enjoying this summer more than ever with us especially with everything that the world is currently going through. These crate keys will allow you to obtain tools, cosmetics, and more which you may have not had before! Test out your luck and try get something from the summer crate today!

    We'll also be having a 30% SALE in which will allow you to buy crate keys, bundles or other store packages at a cheaper rate. Enjoy summer!

    Here are some contents of the Summer Crate:


    We also have a bundle you can buy. This bundle includes contents which can only be bought in the summer! These cosmetics won't be seen again until next year so get the standard or deluxe bundle while you can!

    Click the spoiler below to view bundle contents:



    Want to view our current changelog? Take a glimpse at some of the things we've either added, removed, fixed, changed, or played around with. See if you can spot anything that might be coming in the future!
    And way more bug fixes which aren't listed. If you'd like to view the bug fixes from when Beta was introduced, feel free to click to read them below!
    Have you found a bug on our main servers or anywhere on the network? have you found gameplay exploits or broken game mechanics? Be sure to report it by clicking here! If you'd like to report a player abusing those bugs and glitches. you may report players by clicking here.

    If you'd like to participate in bug-finding up-coming updates. You can apply for beta by clicking here! Are you a developer and you want to participate in making these games better with more features? Do you want to use your creativity and have fun with others while you're at it? apply for our developer position by clicking here! Want to get involved in creating maps for our Events server/ or other builds for Peaceful Farms? Please apply for our Builder position by clicking here!
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