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    | Network Update!
    We're excited to finally say that we have updated & finally released our hub update. We have been working on this along-side other big updates for a very long time. The team is more than satisfied and we hope you are too. This post will entail information about the releases already made, the releases we're planning to make & long awaited update about the 1.14 situation. We will list everything we can in this announcement. For any more questions, you may ask the Administration team by commenting down below. Starting a conversation with one of us or find us in-game! we aren't robots!

    Without further ado, let's get into it!

    | Hub Update!
    Why is there a hub update? what is the hub for? why do we need a hub? Is the server resetting?
    You may have many many questions about today's updates and we're planning to answer them all today in this post. With all changes made, please also note that we rely mostly on feedback, if you guys don't like it, we will take things into consideration!

    The hub is a separate server to Carrot & Potato, this server will be the server players connect to when first joining the server. This server you may connect to other connected servers which allows you to pick the style of gameplay you like. From economy changes, cosmetic changes & more! It's your choice! You will also be kicked to the lobby if you're kicked from the AFK timer or when the daily restart occurs!

    This server will basically be your main server to meet up with friends to pick where you want to go & more. You may have also seen some new features like "Jerrys Jukebox", the fairies and "Server Statistics". Let's get into talking about that now!

    With this hub, we thought it would be an amazing way to dedicate tags & more to players who donate separately with the pure intention to support the progression of the entire server in the future. With donations, it gives us the ability to dedicate more time, implement more features and constantly work on the server's performance the more it grows! For every $5 donation package you buy, you will receive 1 gold star on your hub prefix, you will get access to Jerry's jukebox and also get exclusive access to many things in the future including cosmetics, special name extensions & more.

    Would you like to donate to Peaceful Farms? Donate $5 today over at

    | Introducing the "Potato" server!
    Welcoming our newly introduced newborn child "Potato". We have been working forever on this update. We will forever be amazed at what we have created and we hope you decide to love it as much as we do currently. This part of the post will bring you the updates to this server, what changes are taking place and what will essentially show you the overall comparison.

    The potato server will essentially be a replica of Carrot; however, with changes that might make you want to change up your style. This server will have totally different progress from Carrot so if you want to play on both equally? YOU CAN! Your purchased ranks and claim blocks will be with you along this journey.

    The Potato server will have different economy prices all the way & will receive major updates that cannot be brought onto the Carrot server. This server will also reset (roughly) 6 months apart from Carrot which means when Carrot resets, you still keep your progress on Potato! The current updates we have for Potato are amazing. Let's get talking about them!

    Gold bar menu! - Locked to your 9th player inventory slot, you may right-click on this item and view what we've decided to call the "Gold bar menu". Get quick access to view your friends, change servers, view your current unlocked kits, ranks you've unlocked, overall progression, recipes you've unlocked, auction house listings & much much more. The important changes that will lead you towards using this item everyday is your income statistics.

    Newly implemented "Statistics" for all your day-to-day uses. From viewing your average income from auto-sell shards, your active sell shards or if you haven't got those, see your income statistics from just the regular /sell! These statistics will bring you the kind of information you're looking for. here are some previews of the gold bar menu :)

    | Gold-Bar Menu

    Don't like seeing that? Oh that's okay! Let's make things bit neater for you to view every time without seeing things you may not want to view overtime you view this menu!


    This menu is filled with information and navigational things you will need throughout your gameplay experience. See the necessary information & go from there!

    Here's a preview of income statistics:

    We're more than excited to bring this to you; however, this cannot go on! I know you wanna hear about more things!

    | Ranking Update.
    Ranking has been changed a lot. Everything you wanted to see before is here & more! View your ranking statistics, your progress, your benefits, rewards, and unlocked recipes on /rank! &... PICK PERK, newly introduced way to rank up and pick a recipe or reward of your choice each and every rank. Here are some previews:



    You probably have many questions about recipes so lets get into it!

    | Compressed Items & Recipes
    Bringing you an entirely new way to play. With this update, you can finally turn your farming progress into useful benefits! Compressed items are essentially a way to stack items into items whether for storage purposes or a way to create recipes. Heres a preview of that:


    These items will mostly be encouraged to create recipes which can be used to gain more money. What are recipes? Recipes can be created in a normal crafting table, from creating spawners all the way to creating the ender dragon egg which can be spawned! We will get more into recipes next week :)

    | Potato's release date
    Now, the release date, something many of you may be anticipating for. The release date for the Potato Server will be on September 28th at 12 PM EST.

    Notice: These updates are not guaranteed to come to Potato on release; however, we will do our best to ensure these updates are if not at its best, perfectly implemented without fail. These updates above will also not come to the Carrot server just yet; however, will officially be released to Carrot when we eventually do reset it. More information about a reset will come nearer to the time; however, right now we have no plans to reset Carrot any time soon.

    Here's a changelog of some of the updates coming to you along-side potato
    - Friends & Party system to keep in touch with all your friends even on different servers
    - Jerry's Jukebox
    - Spawn changed back from the summer theme
    - Sell Shards are UUID based and will automatically convert when you change your name
    - /rank to display all the ranks and perks that you get as you rank up!
    - Newly improved Name color - Name color is now in GUI form! unlock more and more! You can now also view name colors on your actual name!
    - Newly introduced Gold Bar Menu - Item locked to your 9th slot in your inventory that is used for quick use on daily gameplay actions. View friends & much more. - Network-wide stability performances & improvements.
    - Disposal Gain - Gain from seeds, eggs or items you hate to have when farming!
    - Income, auto sellshard & Booster statistics. - View your average incomes, sell price advantage and sell boost.
    - Weekly Missions! - Gain even more rewards for completing weekly missions! Tons of bugs squashed as well!
    - Cosmetic commands i.e taunts are now functional from the command! Use taunts from the actual command!
    - Daily Reward has been completely reworked! - Daily Reward now has boosters, each booster gives you more rewards! - Many other minor updates

    | More information!
    We have much more information and features we want to announce; however, not everything is stable and with these updates comes much care and progression. these things can change so don't see them final! We will show you more next week when introducing Potato. Please expect more!

    | Wheres 1.14?

    1.14 has been a topic we wanted to cover for some time. We have worked on updating everything to 1.14 and also prepared many, many updates for 1.14 on our test server over the last months; however, we decided 1.14 is not stable enough for us to update to. We would not want to bring something that laggy or glitchy to the main server unless we are certain that it won't pose any problems. That being said, we are not sure whether we will be updating anytime soon. We'll just have to see if 1.15 grants more stability and give you an update to you guys then. Worst comes to worst, we'll just bring the updates we have prepared on 1.14 to the main servers for you guys to enjoy.
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    I'm super excited! Can't wait for this all to be put into place :)) Kudos to all the hard work you guys have done
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    can't wait ;)
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