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Would you like to see this plug-in added to Peaceful Farms?

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  1. ReiSixx9

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    Dec 23, 2018
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    I have conducted a small survey amongst players on the server on the subject of the Simple Advertising plug-in. Proceeding the results of the survey, I am suggesting that we add this plug-in to Peaceful Farms.

    85% (17/20) of respondents were receptive to the idea of such a plug-in, which would boost the player economy substantially by allowing the players to advertise shops, services, items, and help wanted ads. It's a free, 4 star plugin, and implementing it would be a small scale project.

    The plug-in adds commands for players to run advertisements on as limited a scale as the administrators wish. This plug-in could be rolled out in a staggered fashion so as to test its effect on the server economy, perhaps to store owners first, and- providing its success- further expanding it to include users above a certain rank, or whatever fits.

    As a closing note, a few pros I find would be helpful from an administrators perspective are;

    • fully customizable
    • numerous support/contact methods
    • frequently updated
    • multiple versions support
    • clean UI
    • lightweight
    Thank you for your consideration.

    *Note: I have added a poll to the top of this post so that people can continue to vote seeing as I have closed the linked poll.

    I made a poll asking players if they'd like a plug-in that would allow us to spend money to have ads for our stores and such. 85% of people voted yes. Adding this plug-in would be great for the economy. It's free and has an average rating of 4 stars. It's an easy to use, customizable, advertising plug-in.
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  2. Amber

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    Sounds like a nice idea!!! :> Player advertisments clog up the chat, so this would be a great alternative!!!
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