Not Planned Plugin to possibly resolve issues with stacking and its side effects

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by nightmurder01, Feb 1, 2020.

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    May 9, 2019
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    I mention this in chat and figured I would post here. I have found several of these plugins but this one looks pretty good and supports 1.8 upto 1.15.

    The problem you encounter with large and massive multi-chunk farms can cause stability problems on the backend server and client issues with fps. You can limit this through limited chunk loading and item stacking but this is very limited and can have drawbacks. I know everyone has been online when someone with a large farm log's into the server :D.

    I am linking this one specifically because its support upto 1.15 and it has other uses. There are several out there.
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    Thank you for your suggestion you have submitted. Stacking is a plugin we have added for client and server sided lag.
    This helps and is intact a huge benefit to multiple auto farms currently taking place on of our online servers. Knowing there has been issues with stacking as of recent, this has recently been patched and players shouldn't experience any issues with our stacking right now.

    Chunk hoppers have been discussed before and because of its functionality and the way its features differ from normal Minecraft mechanics.
    If we're to correctly implement this feature without issues to the player base or ourselves and our community, i'm sure this is a possible feature
    that could be implemented if decided so by the owner of PF.

    We'll have to see but for now i'll keep this thread as NOT PLANNED due to no intentions of adding it soon. Discussions about this feature
    will take place in conversation between i and the owner. Thank you!