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    NEW Server Potato!
    Hello. I'm truly excited to be writing this announcement. It's been a great pleasure to finally get to talk about all these newly introduced exquisite features along-side a delicately constructed addition to the Peaceful Farms Network. Being our second addition, we wanted to make it in-perfectly perfect for our audience(You). Everything you will be viewing in this announcement today has honestly been thought through carefully, making your gameplay experience better and more unique; however, not too far away from home(Carrot). You're going to love it!
    Peaceful Farms has been around for a handful amount of time. Of course, there have been updates that make you feel the server has took a wild turn; however, with this server we wanted to bring something that hasn't ever been done before on our platforms. Something that will take you outside your comfort zone; however, still be in that range. Potato will be a server that will be kind of like a replica; however, with changes to economy & more.

    You will now experience what it is like to have the current features on our server at an advanced level, taking in the full capacity of each feature you're receiving.

    These updates aren't only going give you the fresh start, it's going to bring you experiences you will not and cannot forget. Thrive to be the best and challenge yourself.

    We're waiting for you over at Potato :rolleyes: | /server potato


    NEW Features!
    These newly implemented features have been crafted. The entire ST(Staff Team) & BT(Beta Team) have loved the experience around these new features and couldn't wait to get them out. They're features that have been worked on for months so please treat our hard work with absolute care! Without further or do, let's get into what has currently been implemented.

    ➣ Gold Bar Menu. (More updates coming soon)
    ➣ Ranking Menu.
    ➣ Ranking Rewards.
    ➣ PickPerk.

    ➣ Achievements. (More updates coming soon)
    ➣ Disposal. (More updates coming soon)
    ➣ Recipes. (More updates coming soon)

    ➣ Compressed Items.
    ➣ Bosses & Quests (Coming Soon)
    ➣ Re-vamped Namecolor. (More updates coming soon)
    ➣ New cosmetics. (More updates coming soon)

    ➣ Re-vamped Daily Bonus

    ➣ Weekly Missions (Delayed)
    ➣ Weekly Missions (Delayed)
    ➣ Friends GUI
    ➣ Network Partys
    ➣ Useful extra commands.

    ➣ Re-vamped sell prices (More updates coming soon)
    ➣ Adjusted rules (Coming soon)
    ➣ Mythical Crate (Coming soon)

    Of course some people may be interested in seeing our changelog. Not everything we have added, removed, fixed or changed is log but we try to keep track of it as much as we possibly can. In the future, we'll be more in-depth with change-logs including adding dates, times and more. For now, heres the change-log if you're interested:

    - Fixed some more issues with the prestige4 ranking past the last rank
    - Pickperk messages have been adjusted to work smoothly. Found some issues with certain perks not being supported.
    - /pickperk has fixed descriptions.
    - /pickperk will no longer allow you to pick a perk if you have picked one
    - /pickperk re-roll now works; however, the price of the re-roll will depend on your current prestige.
    - /pickperk re-roll will no longer stay unavailable if you pick a perk.
    - Changed some rankup messages including being the last rank.
    - Jerrys Jukebox should now work considerably better. Better performance also!
    - Wii Muisc has been added to Jerrys Jukebox
    - Fixed a issue with holograms not updating in hub.
    - Shop commands have all been made permission based. If you are experiencing issues with not being able to view different types of shops or places like /pickperk. Please inform us!
    - New feature “Disposal Gain” has been added. /disposal for more information.
    - Quest Type NPCS have been added and listed as “Coming soon”.
    - Sell Shards are now UUID supported.
    - Fixed some /rank issues with it displaying wrong arguments.
    - Fixed minor issue with rank names displaying.
    - Compressed Items have been changed to give you recipe Compressed ones.
    - Rankup groups now have all the included permissions now has all the included perks and recipes.
    - Book shop items i.e Voting, Contact us, etc, have been fixed.
    - /achievements now has some more commands i.e /ach and /achieve
    - /helpme has been made to sync with all Peaceful Farms servers. This means /helpme can be seen across servers for assistance purposes.
    - /vote will now open the Voting book appeared in shop.
    - /vote has more commands i.e /voting and /vo
    - Fixed some issues with re-roll not requiring the points.
    - Fixed some issue with essentials chat messages on the hub server
    - Fixed the issue where players wouldn’t spawn at certain coords when joining back to the hub.
    - Boosters, Sell Shard & Income statistics (placeholders) are now functional.
    - Random Teleport menu viewed in /warps is now fully functional.
    - Due to delay /settings has been removed. May return in the future! (This item in gold bar menu has been replaced with a important menu toggle)
    - Changes have been made to active booster placeholders. They will now show whats increased instead of what booster has been activated.
    - Boosters have been changed so they will no longer multiply with other boosters.
    - Fixed an issue with new implemented placeholders preventing players from opening the gold bar menu
    - Shops are now permission based. This means you cannot view shops or places like /rank if you don’t have the required permission (background stuff mostly)
    - /taunts blockswap has more blocks added and has been divided into 3 different packages.
    - /taunts timers have been made more compact. When you have used a taunt, you will now receive a message in chat announcing how long you have left until another taunt may be executed.
    - Portal is now functional. To cause less bugs, it will now teleport you 1second backwards from the portal to not accidentally teleport you to the nether.
    - “Randomised Crate” has been changed to work differently. You will receive rewards now instead of needing to enter a command.
    - Removed “Cosmetics Menu” due to some delays. This may return in the future.
    - Removed “player account” when clicking income statistics.
    - Halloween “WitchSpells” Particle has been added.
    - Halloween “Ghost” Taunt has been added.
    - Halloween “TrickOrTreat” Taunt has been added.
    - Halloween “Undead” Suffix has been added.
    - Halloween “FullMoon” Suffix has been added.
    - Fixed where tags werent claimable
    - Added a second tags page for more tags.
    - /tags now has a exclusive tag for completing the “im a nerd” achievement in rankings.
    - “Cosmetics” now is a command. You can view the cosmetic book through this.
    - /dailyreward was removed due to not being able to make it more compact.
    - Taunt timers were also removed due to not being able to make it more compact
    ( The Taunt timers in /taunts still work great )
    - “Valuable Compressed Items” & “Valuable Blocks” are now functional in pick perk.
    - Spawner was removed from the Pointshop.
    - /rank now includes prices on the based on the prestige you unlocked.
    - Playervaults has been changed to “Backpacks”.
    - Jumping off the cliff in hub now has a random chance of saying different vines or tiktoks
    - Player vault items in gold bar menu now show how many inventory or lines u have. Also has a warning showing you that if you are a subscriber to the donator groups that items will be lost if you lose permission.
    - Fixed an issue with NPC’s conflicting with the friends plugin.
    - Stargroups now inherit each other.
    - Stargroups now work based on a command. (Background stuff)
    - Star package has been added to our store. Donate $5 every time (limit 20) to receive an extra star.
    - Tab in hub is now organized, the higher star you are, the higher in tab you’ll go.
    - Hub has successfully been released along-side Potato announcement :slight_smile:
    - Enderchest in gold bar menu now requires you to have the permissions to view.
    - Reactions crate has been removed & introduced into vouchers.
    - Winning a reaction now rewards you with a placable “Reactions Box”. This item lists some reward possibilities and also launches a fire when opened. (Same rewards as reaction crate)
    - “Donate Page” on is now a page in which you can donate to collect hub stars with different perks.
    - Connected “Kits” Item in Gold Bar Menu to do /kits
    - Some ranking achievements have been added. The following listed:
    - “Blup Blup” Achievement (Win at least once in a fishing contest)
    - “Hell Yeah” Achievement (Prestige at least once)
    - “Master Prestige” Achievement (Complete all Prestiges)
    - Removed “Donations” Achievements for the time being.
    - Disabled Custom Suffix & Tags from showing on pets.
    - Backpacks (also known as playervaults) are now functional on the gold bar menu in both the important and normal menu.
    - Auctionhouse now shows in the normal menu along-side all its actions.
    - Decompressing items in the compressed menu is now functional.
    - Fixed some error messages with compressed items not working with recipes.
    - Replaced “Enderchest” Blockswap taunt with “Beacon” Block.
    - Replaced “Shulkerbox” Blockswap taunt with “TNT” block.
    - Fixed issues with multiple blockswap taunts. Should all now work perfectly.
    - Fixed taunt messages requiring an argument even though it does not.
    - Fixed certain commands not requiring permission.
    - Players should now have access to the Missions NPC like before.
    - Fixed an issue with taunt commands overlapping with each other.
    - All information commands now work correctly as expected.
    - Kits command now allows you to select the kit you want to claim.
    - Fixed an issue with namecolor displaying as unlocked when it isn’t.
    - Fixed an issue with tags not being able to be reset.
    - Fixed an issue with tempfly statistics item in gold bar menu.
    - Updated ChatControl on the Potato server to match Carrot server.
    - Fixed /particles <particle>. Should work perfectly now. Please report on bugs.
    - /?, /about, /information & help are all implemented and working.
    - Fixed some messages with replacement words in chatcontrol.
    - Fixed some message issues with Particles.
    - Implemented “WitchSpells” to /Particles
    - Fixed an issue where you were allowed to claim a fishing rod in shop.
    - Fixed multiple spelling errors in pickperk.
    - Commands /Potato, /Carrot, /hub & /lobby have been introduced.
    - Updated /switchserver to only show Beta to players who have access.
    - Updated Shop to match Carrot. This includes MISC changes & more.
    - Fixed up some issues with tag messages.
    - Fixed up the Tags menu.
    - Fixed where shops would still use our old permission plugin.
    - WorldGuard Regions have been made to match Carrot with Potato. (Please report on bugs)
    - Fixed where you could speak in tutorial on the Beta/Potato server.
    - Disabled mobgriefing in the end.
    - Fixed where you were able to loop-open the randomteleport menu.
    - Fixed some error messages with BSP (Background stuff)
    - Fixed some issues with “TrickOrTreat” not functioning like it should.
    - New Kits have been implemented & old ones removed or disabled.
    - You will now receive a reaction box everytime instead of it being a chance.
    - Fixed an issue regarding compressed items allowed to be sold through /sell or sellshards.
    - Daily Missions Box & Weekly Missions Box have been added to mission rewards.
    - Fixed an issue with places like /rank showing you as %player% instead of your name.
    - /trashall - Command to clear all thats in your inventory (with a confirmation addition)
    - Spawner names have all been changed to “Recipe Spawner | Type: “
    - Spawner Recipes have been created. Heres a list:
    + Pig Spawner (Unlocked for everybody)
    + Cow Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Sheep Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Rabbit Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Wolf Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Chicken Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Squid Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Blaze Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + Endermen Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + IronGolem Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    + WitherSkeleton Spawner (PickPerk Reward)
    - & Other recipes that are craftable:
    + Hardened Obsidian (Unlocked for everybody)
    + Wisp Of Freedom (Non-craftable but used in recipes)
    + Dragon Egg (PickPerk Reward)
    - New additions to Compressed Items. List below:
    + Compressed Bone
    + Compressed Squid
    + Compressed Ender Pearl
    + Compressed Blaze Powder
    + Compressed Mutton
    + Compressed Steak
    + Compressed Porkchop
    + Compressed Chicken
    - Compressed Items are now all connected to the pickperk CompressedItems Pack.
    - Fixed an issue with Reaction rewards being a firework instead of Reaction Box.
    - Tab is now organised on the Potato server.
    - Spawners can no longer be changed via spawn-eggs.
    - Fixed an issue with pickperk showing as “error” if the daily restart occurs.
    - Removed Obsidian & Wither skeleton skull from shop. Other items that involve being in a recipe or compressed recipe may also be removed in the future.
    - Recipes have been created & current recipe commands have been changed to be updated.
    - All rankup groups now have set weights so they dont conflict with eachother when ranking up
    - Updated CustomSuffix. Should now work perfectly on Potato.
    - You should now be able to enter shops that the default group normally couldnt. I.e /warps, /cosmetics shops & more. You can now do /recipes aswell.
    - Daily Reward message now shows evenly. No more blank space spam lol.
    - Change stacker messages to look better then what they currently are.
    - GrowGod Reward changed from Party accept & Invite to 1 extra home instead.
    - Change reaction messages. (Minor Change)
    - Apprentice homes have increased to 15, hero to 20 & so on.
    - Fixed a issue with not being able to claim vouchers.
    - List of new cosmetics added
    + Particle Glow
    + Particle FishersDream
    + Particle WitchSpells
    + Taunts TrickOrTreat
    + Taunts gHoSt
    + Taunts Chicken Insult
    + Tag Undead
    + Tag Fullmoon
    - Removed “Coming soon” items in /taunts & /particles
    - Christmas Wings & Water Melon Particles no-longer support glowing effect.
    - Achievements have been made automated meaning you can unlock the reward once without needing to claim it depending if you meet the requirements.
    - Disable achievement announcements.
    - Removed “Re-roll count” just because theres no point, maybe in the future?
    - All 3 ranking achievements are now functional.
    - Removed “Weekly Mission” due to just not enough time & testing. This will come soon after!
    - Crates on Potato no-longer look invisible etc due to BETA 1.14.4 crate changes.
    - Halloween Crate has been added/ or started progress on.
    - New coming soon crate :eyes:
    - After multiple tests, normal survival gameplay tests aswell as just checking them in op. /pickperk should now be fully functional with at least 38 available perks to choose from. (More will be added in the new few hours)

    NEW Economy style & Gameplay!
    Adjusting to the direction we want this particular server(s) economy to go in, we have changed up the way prices work. We no longer want players to be completely encouraged by the fact auto-melon farms exist. With the new additional spawner recipes, we have boosted spawner drops. This mean that anything you're working for, you will receive more in-come for. Grinding won't waste your time!

    We're going to be constantly updating the way this system works, whether its by introducing more recipes, buffing prices, introducing more items or drops you can sell. Be on the look on for updates about this in the near future.

    Think about your routine on the Carrot server.... scratch that. You will need to think of new idea(s) since this is one hell of a change to PFN. Ranking up like normal, you will now receive 2 or more perks, one of which you will get to choose as mentioned in the features part of this post. Unlock the compressed items package, unlock different spawner recipes and thrive to be the best on Potato.

    If you're experiencing any issues with the way this new ecosystem or recipe works. Please be sure to contact the Peaceful Farms team on our discord by clicking here!

    Some economy features have yet to be released & implemented.
    These will take affect soon.

    Comparison between Carrot & Potato!
    To the players eyes, these servers could seem like the same server with no differences; however, with the features above & the gameplay style, another could say these are completely different servers. Heres some key features of what are different between the two.
    • Spawner grind styled gameplay.
    • Better ecosystem.
    • Limited border(s), less storage being used, less progress being lost.
    • Receives updates first.
    • Hosted in the EU region. If you live in the EU, this may be the server for you.
    • Better performance.
    • Different reset times.
    • Chance to explore an entire new community. (Happen over time)
    Ofcourse this is just a general idea of what is different; however, there is a a lot more in this moment of time which is stated above in the features section.

    Frequently Asked Questions(?)
    Here is a huge list of questions that were repetitively asked during the release of Potato. If you have a question and your question wasn't answered here. Please considering asking your question over on our discord HTTP://DISCORD.PEACEFULFARMS.NET/
    • Can i keep the same cosmetics i receive in Carrot, on Potato?
    • Previous cosmetics from before 28th of September 2019 will be kept and transferred to Potato; however, if you have unlocked cosmetics on either server after that date. You will only have access to the ones you unlock on the server that it was unlocked on.
    • Can i remove the Gold bar from my hot bar?
    • No. This is currently not possible; however, we have plans in the future to have this as an option for the Potato server.
    • Why can't i use /pwarp?
    • The player warps option is now listed as a perk. You may use & view other player warps; however, creating a player warp will require you to at least be GrowKing+
    • Can i teleport to different biomes?
    • Teleporting to different biomes is possible. This is unlocked at rank GrowGod+
    • What is new about Potato?
    • There are multiple new features about the Potato server, including: new gameplay style. Changed ecosystem & most important! Recipes!
    • Can i message my friends even if they're on Carrot?
    • This is possible by adding the player as a friend (from any server on PFN) and then doing /k <friend> <msg>. You may respond by doing /kr <msg>!
    • How can i stop players from messaging me?
    • Currently, you're only able to toggle friend messages off, you must adjust your friend settings by performing the command /friendsettings!
    • Is there a way for me to auto-rank up?
    • You may enable /autorankup once you have unlocked the "Hell Yeah" Achievement found under /achievements or /ach!
    • Im experiencing issues where do i go?
    • There are multiple ways to report a bug, glitch or anything really. The quickest way to get a response is to message #staff-assistance for assistance purposes OR #bugsandglitches. Please report Potato bugs in #bugsandglitches-potato. You can find our discord by clicking here!
    • Can i have my donator rank from Carrot on Potato?
    • Donator groups were not affected by this transfer. If you're experiencing purchase issues please create a ticket by clicking here! if you haven't bought the rank and you're experiencing issues, please contact the person who purchased it for you.
    • Do i get to keep my Donator rank i bought on Carrot?
    • Yes! All purchased goods are synced across platforms. This means if you receive a donator group on Carrot, you'll only receive said purchase on Potato. If you're experiencing any issues and you're the customer, please contact us by clicking here!
    • Can i have my claim blocks from Carrot to Potato?
    • No. You cannot transfer claim blocks as Potato and Carrot have different progression. If you bought claim blocks, won claim blocks or bought them with points. They will still be available to you over on Carrot.
    • Is there a way for me to transfer my stuff from Carrot to Potato?
    • Please refer to the last question.
    • Can i use my playervault from Carrot to Potato?
    • No. Player-vaults can only be accessed within the server you're in. You cannot transfer items from 1 place to another.
    • How do i add my friends?
    • You may add any of your friends by doing /f add <friend>. They'll need to do /f accept <friend> or click the text in chat to complete.
    • Where do i go to check what i get for rank ups?
    • You can check your available rank perks by doing /rank. You may only see the available perks within your prestige/non-prestige. If you prestige, you'll be able to see the following prestige rewards, etc, etc.
    • I found a bug how do i report it?
    • You may report bugs over on our discord by clicking here!
    • How do i apply for Trainee on Potato?
    • You can apply for all servers by clicking here! Make sure you read up on requirements by clicking here!
    • Can i become a BETA tester for Potato?
    • Please prefer to the last question.
    • I have my marry perms from Carrot, is that right?
    • All permissions you previously had on Carrot have been transferred over to Potato, etc.
    • Can i use my silktouch permissions on Potato?
    • Yes; however, please make sure you check if you have the permission before attempting.
    • How do i craft the new recipes?
    • For every recipe you unlock, you may check the recipe of that item by clicking the gold bar menu and going to "unlocked recipes". You can view unlocked recipes there.
    • Can i sell my autosell shards?
    • You cannot sell your sell shards, no. They're disabled for auction house & you may be punished for scamming if you sell a sell-shard that is already activated (if) the other player isn't already aware.
    • My autosell shard needs transferring but no admin is available?
    • Sell shards are receiving a UUID update which will mean you no longer need to ask staff to change the bound shard name. For now please request admin to change them on our discord by clicking here!
    • When i click the enchantment shop it says i don't have permission?
    • Currently this is only available as a perk to one of our ranks. Due to high usage, this may be reverted. Please wait while we figure this out :)
    • I don't like these changes how do i go back?
    • You can return back to your old progress by doing /carrot, /switch server or /server carrot
    • Can i have a world download of Potato?
    • We currently have no plans to release the Potato seed or world download during the time the map is active; however, possibly in the future when Carrot or Potato resets this will then be possible in a reset announcement.
    • Im experiencing purchase issues when i purchase something on Potato?
    • If you're the customer, please create a ticket by clicking here!
    • Do key-parties work across the network?
    • We have recently introduced new additional packages "Network Party". You can view these packages by clicking here!
    • Do boosters work across the network?
    • We have plans for the future; however, no. Our apologises.
    • My gold bar menu isn't working?
    • Before the 2nd of October 2019, there were previous issues with being able to glitch the gold bar. if you're experiencing this still after the date it was fixed. Please contact an administrator straight away.

    This list will be updated constantly throughout the release of Potato. Once bugs, glitches & more have been patched and Potato is fully released and stable. This will no longer be updated. Thank you.

    Want a question added(?) Please leave a comment below.

    Bugs, glitches & more
    Experienced a bug or glitch? Has the server crashed? Have you lost progress?
    Please make sure to report these kind of issues over on our discord by clicking here!

    You may view the updated change-log below. This again like the FAQ will be constantly updated until Potato is stabilised.

    - Introduced a hub. Check this out via /switchserver
    - Changed main server to "Carrot" & Changed successfully into a bungee server.
    - Jerrys Jukebox now a thing to donators that donate over at
    - New "Donate" tab and donate package over at
    - New tab messages on the lobby server.
    - Tab was made to match other server tabs. We may include balance and ping back in the future.
    - /msg & /reply have been added back. The change was reverted.
    - /fmsg<player> <friend> now takes affect. You must use this to message friends across the network. (similar commands /k, /fm work too) (use /kr or /fr to reply)
    - Bowling alley was added to hub. Try find it?
    - Fixed an issue /enchantments conflicting with another plugin. The command is now /enchantitem
    - Fixed some bungee message changes.
    - /switchserver was made to only show the available servers to you. Beta will no longer be seen by players unless you have permission.
    - /lobby /hub /carrot & /potato have been introduced. Just to make things easier for you.
    - Fixed some background issues (Console errors & more)
    - Fixed Daily Mission A not giving any rewards. You should now receive a “Daily Mission Box”, etc.
    - Nerfed Daily Mission Box rewards as it was matching Weekly Mission Box rewards.
    - Fixed the issue with not being able to view multiple GUI’s. I.e /pointshop, /achievements, etc.
    - Fixed the issue with /switchserver showing double “lobby” if u had beta permissions.
    - Clicking on spawners no-longer shows the type or unnecessary messages in chat.
    - Fixed emoji taunt showing as a taunt you haven’t unlocked if the taunt timer is activated.
    - Reaction Keys in vote crate has been replaced with “Reaction Box” (Please contact dadky in-game to get your Reaction Key changed)
    - Fixed the issue with players getting randomly banned (Yes. We aren’t going to question it)
    - Stacked Mobs will no-longer clear with stacked items on ground.
    - Blast Enchantment should now be fully functional again. (this will require a restart)
    - Removed “Prestige++++” Exclusive tag due to new rewards replacing it.
    - Fixed an issue with Friends Icon not working correctly.
    - Potato will no-longer show players that have joined or left. This may be reverted.
    - You can no-longer put the Gold Bar Menu in your off-hand.
    - Fixed /wb conflicting with another plugin. You may now do /wb(/workbench) again.
    - Auctionhouse perk has been replaced with “QuickCraft” ability.
    - Fixed multiple minor issues with Gold Bar Menu. This includes spelling errors, etc.
    - Added more pickperk rewards. This will include:
    + Claimblocks (1000)
    + Claimblocks (1500)
    + Claimblocks (2000)
    + Claimblocks (2500)
    + Namecolor “Yellow”
    + Nether Star Recipe
    - “Emoticons” Pickperk reward was removed. Everybody that had this reward will be compensated.
    - Fixed the issue with a normal firework not being able to be crafted.
    - Added Clay Recipe (Added Suggestion). (Water bucket & Sand)
    - Fixed the issue with not being able to decompress items.
    - Fixed the issue with pigspawner showing as unlocked for all. (You now need the perk)
    - Fixed the issue with Compressed items having extra NBT tags when its unneeded.
    - Fixed performance of multiple plugins. (Possibly the reason server was crashing)
    - Fixed the issue with sellshards not functioning.
    - Fixed the issue with "friends" related items not functioning on Gold Bar Menu.
    - Disabled namecolor (on players) this may return. This will still function on chat & tab.
    - Improved performance on many commands.
    - Changed the way "friends" display heads. No longer will show alex head or staff.
    - Added Nether Star Recipe to Gold Bar Menu.
    - Changed voting message, it'll now look similar to other messages.
    - Buffed Hardened Obsidian recipe. You now all together need at least 27 obsidian.
    - Added "Disable Viewing self disguise" to /shop disguises
    - Added "Clearall" to /shop trails. Players also now have /trail clearall
    - Fixed issue with players without the nether star recipe be able to craft it.
    - Fixed issue with voting rewards not doubling when you hit certain ranks.
    - Fixed issue with being able to spam click the missions paper when a timer is activated.
    - Fixed some minor issues with Gold Bar Menu.
    - Fixed the issue with one of the iron-golem spawner appearing a different recipe.
    - Fixed the issue with reward boosters showing as rewards for different ranks.
    - (Fixed on daily restart) Fixed the issue with being able to hotkey the gold bar menu into a chest.
    - (Fixed on daily restart) Fixed the issue with being able to do commands on the Gold Bar Menu.
    - Fixed minor issue with tags.
    - (Requires a network restart) Changed MOTD & Fixed PF icon.
    - Fixed the issue with compressed iron not working in recipes
    - Fixed where it would the netherstar recipe for players that had unlocked the pigspawner recipe.
    - Mobs will now stack in a 10 radius instead of 3 radius.
    - Shop will no longer kick you for spamming; however, spam clicking is still not possible.
    - Some more pickperk rewards were alternated to match the actual reward.
    - Fixed where if you were to purchase a rank upgrade it wouldn't update your tag.
    - "Your homes & Claims" was removed from Gold Bar Gui (For now)
    - Removed "Right-click" function on friends shopitem since it can be viewed within the friends GUI.
    - Fixed minor message issues with vouchers.
    - "Firework" Task in daily missions was removed due to some recipes conflicting.
    - Fixed the issue with daily restart causing the server to close instead of restarting.

    This was last updated: 03/10/19

    Whats next?
    People are probably already wondering. What could get better for Peaceful Farms. What will be done next. We still have multiple updates that are going to be released. We were hoping the best for 1.14.4; however, theres still no changed decision on that being delayed/ not being released at all. I know we have a lot to do in-regards to this whole entire network that was just released. We're hoping to impress you and make you want to stay! which is why i wanna ask you some questions instead.

    What would you like to see on Peaceful Farms next?

    Please make sure to comment down below.

    Heres a list of players, beta testers, staff members, developers and more that have helped throughout the progression to make most of these things possible for the network release. If you'd like to be apart in future projects, why not apply by clicking here!
    Beta Testers or staff members that participated

    Thank you for reading & we hope you enjoy the updates

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    All the hard work is paying off, and everyone's loving the ideas! : ) gg!!
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