Important Potato Reset & Pride Bundle

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    Hi everyone,

    This announcement will be regarding the impending potato reset @
    July 10th, 1 PM EST.

    What does this mean?
    It means progress on Potato will be reset, and there will be a fresh start with changes for everyone to enjoy.

    How does the reset work?
    Potato will go down on July 8th in preparation for a reset. Everything excluding what we outline below will be reset:

    • Donor Ranks
    • Purchased Goods including Bundles, Cosmetics & others.
    • Vault items
    If you have experienced issues with retrieving your purchased goods
    you are welcome to create a ticket where your issues may be resolved.
    Tickets can be created at

    Vault information:
    This time around, we are expanding the vault for everyone. Every player will receive 1 full vault inventory space to store their items, and donators will receive 2 inventories.

    Here is the list of items not allowed in the vault:

    • Shulker Box
    • Every item in /prices
    • Compressed Items
    • Wisp of Freedom
    • McMMO Level Vouchers
    • Money Note
    • Spawners (Spawners are permitted; however, we will only allow up to 5 spawners of each type)
    • Sell/McMMO boosters
    • Any type of fish
    • Reward Boxes (Reaction Boxes and Daily Mission Boxes)
    • The list may be updated in the future, please keep an eye out!
    You will notice that the vault doesn't stop you from putting those items in the vault; however, they will be reset when you open the vaults post reset. Make sure to look out for the items listed, so you don't waste any space for your vault!

    What happens to those still actively playing on Potato?
    We decided to do things a bit differently after noticing there are still players who enjoy Potato. We will give you guys an option to transfer your progress to Carrot prior to the reset. Please note that we may disallow certain transfers on a need-to basis, this is simply a measure we are allowing for players who want to continue with their current progress. Abusing this system may disqualify you from the transfer.
    Please note that this is exclusively for currently active players on potato who want to continue with their current progress, if you were to opt-in for this, you will not be able to carry any items to the next potato reset. Click here for the form

    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at

    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active, and more, you can donate over at

    Peaceful Farms is now celebrating Pride month differently! Introducing our new addition to the bundle collection "Pride Bundle". This bundle in support of our fellow LGBTQIA+ members. From colourful and unique cosmetics all the way to a new cosmetic addition called "Pronouns" which can be found in tags. If you cannot afford this bundle yet you still want to access pronouns, we're glad to announce that starting today, everybody on Peaceful Farms can access these 3 pronouns for free. Simply do /tags and click pronouns to get started. Collect modified pronouns full of colours and more by purchasing bundles or unlocking them from any season crate from here on out.

    Find the Standard Pride Bundle on our store under the bundles category or by going to
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    Quote: "Please note that this is exclusively for currently active players on potato who want to continue with their current progress, if you were to opt-in for this, you will not be able to carry any items to the next potato reset."

    Pardon my denseness here, but I'm a little lost on the wording of the above quote (just blame my autism lol). I'm wondering... if I decide I'd like to bring everything I have over to the other server (Carrot), will doing this mean that whenever Carrot then comes due for a reset in the future I will not be able to transfer any items on Carrot through for it's reset?

    Edited to add: Also, when it states we can transfer our progress to Carrot, does this mean we're adding everything we have (such as builds, items, animals, etc) from Potato to Carrot... or are we simply bringing an allowed allotment of items as mentioned for the Potato reset transfer, but going to Carrot instead?
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    Question? if i remember corectly from last time, i tried to bring a stack of Iron Blocks in the PV, it did not work. Will blocks such as Iron, Gold, Diamond, and such transfer in the Personaly Vaults?

    the list didnt call that out last tiime. Its the same this time

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    I asked ky and he said "Probably maybe idk I'd assume so" - ky
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    hay bales
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    That post is from a year ago. Potato server is not resetting
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