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    This announcement is regarding the release of the Potato reset on the Peaceful Farms Network. This update brings a more efficient server with a bunch of fixes. This update is focused more on a fresh start and the Summer Event in which we have prepared for you this season.

    Peaceful Farms Jerry Invasion Event.

    Aliens have invaded Peaceful Farms and have started to disguise themselves as different family members of the Jerry clan. Breaking crops and blocks, you can find these Jerrys in which you will receive different tiers of rewards for killing Jerry. Our lovely builder Ryan has recreated spawn to be themed by this event and summer. This event will last 1-2 months. Complete the achievement 'Invasion' and receive an exclusive cosmetic!


    Here are some updates we're working on:

    The development team and CMT members have come together to bring you different updates this season. They're not released yet; however, you may expect to see many different changes in gameplay. This will conclude updates to:
    • Crates Update. This includes the release of the Time Capsule Revamp.
    • Voting overhaul including the implementation of vote party. [Soon to come]
    • Various adjustments to rank ups, rank up prices, and sell prices.
    • Various adjustments to gameplay. Making recipes easier and beneficial.
    • Network update fixes, server improvements, and plugin optimizations.
    Here is a bit of trenchancy in what is happening with Prestige 5:

    Going over this on multiple occasions, the team has mentioned that Prestige5/Guardian Boss is something that we have never implemented before. This project has been ongoing for nearly a year and we can ensure you that the outcome of this update will amaze your expectations. That being said, yes, Guardian Boss is finally nearly complete. We have decided to pause progress for the time being until everything runs smoothly with the reset release. Expect to see another update to some information soon!
    Get your suntan lotion and prepare your body. Summer is here boys, girls & nonbinary's and we're not stopping with the crazy implementations of our amazing crate and bundle contents. This season, we have more to release than the standard crate and bundle; however, we're releasing 3 BUNDLES and 2 UNIQUE CRATES. Summer crate has been extended to 5 rows of potential rewards, making that 9 extra rewards compared to the previous 4 rows. From exclusive new Paradise Tools all the way to the release of a new taunt function called Bonk. Time Capsule has been updated to reset every month and randomized 36 items out of a list of 100 + items. Time Capsule was recently updated to include tools, cosmetics, and items from this year!

    Here is a difference between the Standard Summer Bundle and Deluxe Summer Bundle:


    Beach Bundle contents:
    • Slash [TAG]
    • HeatWave [TAG]
    • Beach [TAG]
    • Beach ball [PET]
    • Vine taunt [TAUNT]
    • Butterfly Wings [Particle]
    • Heat Wave [Particle]
    • Dad Bod [Morph]

    2021 Summer Crate contents:


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